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Cron.Studio: Optimising compensation step by step

"The differentiating factor was your interface, very simple and intuitive, and this was confirmed as we were using the platform."

Paul Stricker, benefits on factory floor

"We are not close to big cities and therefore we needed to offer something more than the normal salary package."

ComparaJá: Coverflex to simplify processes without making them simplistic

"Everything we had to do before, for instance, to ask for a refund for the monthly pass for public transport - buy it, ask for the invoice, deliver it to our finance department, and only receive the respective amount at the end of the month - has become much simpler."

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Growth, step by step

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Coverflex as leverage for benefits

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Practicing individuality, benefit by benefit

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Coverflex, from compensation to a Slack channel

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Benefits, a tool to attract and retain talent

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Fresh fish, from sea to plate — but hold the bones

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