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Coverflex, catalyst for Stellaxius' growth

"Coverflex greatly reduces administrative work and gives the employee the power to choose what they want to do with the money they have available."

Tailor-made compensation is what Doutor Finanças recommends

"It is placing the burden of decision making on employees, on the benefits valued by our people."

From beauty to benefits, there’s no such thing as caring too much

"We didn't want to be in a patronising posture. We see Coverflex as THE option. This is how we look at the benefits."

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ComparaJá: Coverflex to simplify processes without making them simplistic

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Vila Foz Hotel & Spa, a people-to-people business

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Coverflex rhymes with flexibility which rhymes with happiness

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Flexibility as a motto

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Growth, step by step

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Coverflex as leverage for benefits

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