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Coverflex, the solution that Fabamaq found to amplify the company benefits

Fabamaq's Story

It's not just in internal management that Coverflex helps: Fabamaq recognises the platform's impact on attracting talent
Users employ benefits tailored to their needs: they can change preferences whenever their consumption habits change
Coverflex replaced the internal benefits solution, simplifying the work of the People and Finance teams

We got to know Coverflex and thought it was an interesting project, once again due to the matter of freedom, autonomy, flexibility, and each employee being able to use it in whatever they want.

Sara Carvalho
People & Business Partner at Fabamaq

They were called “power ups”. Yes, we wrote “they were called” because they are not anymore. At Fabamaq, the benefit attribution mechanism changed in October 2021: it was at that time that the Porto-based tech company started using Coverflex.

“We are a tech company, we have always wanted to invest in our people, and the market is very competitive. We wanted, more and more, to have more benefits, combined with other points that we consider important, such as the company environment and culture”, says Sara Carvalho, People & Business Partner of the team that already has more than 274 people.

The commitment to retaining and attracting new talent is therefore considered a priority. “We already had some benefits here, the power ups. We got to know Coverflex and thought it was an interesting project, once again due to the matter of freedom, autonomy, flexibility, and each employee being able to use it in whatever they want. It would be like transporting everything we have to a more comprehensive reality”, she details.

The Challenge

“At first, the new solution encompassed the two departments - Finance and People”, begins by telling Neuza Vilaça, Senior Payroll at Fabamaq. “For us, it was a huge gain at the administrative level, in what comes to the time spent on these tasks. We had already implemented the power ups in the company, and the benefits that existed were similar to those that Coverflex presents. But we were in charge of this management, the finance department. In this respect, it ends up making our day-to-day work much easier, everything being transferred to Coverflex, that is”, she points out.

"The cost-benefit ratio is undoubtedly positive. In addition to the gamers' satisfaction, it ended up making the Finance team's time profitable for other projects. The relationship with Coverflex, from the first moment, was fantastic", defends Neuza.

But the impact is not only measured in the work of the teams, within the organisation. Sara says that, also in recruitment, having the Coverflex platform as a counterpart attracts both curious people and “experts” in the solution. “This was a change in our offerings. And the feedback has been very positive. When we make offers to candidates, they quickly say they've heard of it, or that they didn't know it yet, and that has an impact. It has had an impact on attraction”, explains the People & Business Partner.

The Solution

José Barbosa, Head of CRM, says that he uses Coverflex “a lot”, but hopes to use it “even more in the future”. “Monthly, I use a portion of the amount for my son's school. And also in a parking lot here in Campo Alegre”, he confesses.

The favourite benefit? “The heaviest, the school one”, he jokes, “also because of the mater of tax benefits, which is one of the main goals of wanting to use Coverflex. It allows for significant tax savings”, he notes, adding: “In the future, I would like to use it in the PPR, something that I have not yet explored. Basically what I lack is value. I need more of that”, he jokes.

José's favourite benefit Childcare

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