With Coverflex Budgets you can offer employees an amount and define what it can be used for: technological equipment, office supplies, training, and many other options.

Train ticket
Transportation Budget
54.32€ available
250€ total

How do Budgets work?

Personal development
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Budgets are amounts that the company can grant to employees on a one-off, monthly or annual basis.

Will this Budget be the same amount for all your company's employees?
No, I need more flexibility.

The company can personalise each Budget, defining the amount, who it is for, where it can be spent and how often it can be used.

Ask for refund
Request a refund for your expense

When they have an expense for which the Budget can be used, employees can request the refund on the platform. Once the expense has been approved by the company, the employee receives the amount in their bank account.

150€ available
300€ total

When an employee is given an amount within the Budgets category, the company is simply telling them how much they can spend within a certain category.


You can personalise each of the Budgets you offer your employees. All you have to do is set the terms under which they can be used!

Examples of Budgets

Make it easier for new employees to join the company with a budget they can use to buy office supplies and tools to create their ideal workspace.
Remote work
Improve your employees' remote work experience with a budget that allows them to manage expenses in this area, such as the purchase of ergonomic equipment or monthly fees for co-working spaces.
Offer employees the chance to cover travel expenses related to their professional activity, such as public transport or fuel.

100% personalised

More freedom for your employees

Simpler refund management

100% personalised
Adapt each Budget to the needs of your employees. You can personalise them and offer your team even more flexibility in managing their compensation.
More freedom for your employees
Companies can adjust the purpose and amount of each Budget according to the needs of the team, and employees have the visibility and autonomy to spend the defined amount within the terms of use.
Simpler refund management
The expense management process is simple, digital and completely integrated into your Coverflex platform. A hassle-free experience that saves you time and money.
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What are Budgets and how do they work?
What if employees don't use a Budget?
For how long can employees use the Budget?
I want to offer Budgets to my employees.
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