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A unique digital insurance management experience, at no extra cost.
Managing both company and employees’ insurances is now easier with Coverflex Wallet, our integrated solution.

How does it work?

Our insurance management solution is integrated into Coverflex Wallet, a unique solution where you can manage your employees’ insurances while offering them flexible benefits, meal allowance and exclusive discounts.

Coverflex Wallet

Our insurance management experience

Everything in one place

You can manager your employees’ insurances on the same platform where you manage benefits, food and discounts.

Faster processes

Including new employees in your insurance policies is simple: just add them to your Coverflex account and their inclusion in the insurance is processed immediately.


The employee can manage the membership of their family members, provided the company allows it.
In addition, employees can directly add family members and pay for that cost with their benefit balance.

Transfer current health insurance
A few clicks - that’s all it takes

Keep the conditions of your current health insurance and transfer the mediation to Coverflex straight through the platform, where you can submit all the necessary information. Our team will confirm the transfer with our insurance company and add your insurance to our platform.

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Subscribe to new insurances
Fast and assisted implementation

A simple and complete onboarding process, suited to your requirements, and a support team who is there for you at every step of the way.

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Company accepts Coverflex’s proposal
Insurance company contacts employees
Insurance company issues policy
Insurance is added to Coverflex’s platform
Employee’s onboarding
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Does this sound good?

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You can count on our dedicated team

Coverflex gives customers access to simpler and more efficient processes, granting companies and employees greater autonomy when managing insurances.

Coverflex’s insurance management is fully digital, with an experienced support team on call and ready to help our customers every day.

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