Flexpay is neither a loan nor a salary advance. It’s the flexibility of receiving your income for the days you've already worked, with no additional fees or interest rates, on the Coverflex platform.

How does Flexpay work?

We work out a daily amount for each employee based on their monthly net salary. Every day employees can keep track of what they earn and see an increase in the available amount.

Schedule transfers

Allow your employees more control over their payments. With Flexpay, employees can schedule salary transfers and decide how often they want to be paid throughout the month.

Immediate transfer of earned salary

Provide convenience and flexibility to employees by allowing the immediate transfer of the salary for the days they have already worked. With Flexpay, you can immediately transfer the available amount or part of it.

More flexibility

Higher talent retention

Fully digital


More flexibility
You can adjust the amount of times employees are paid according to their needs.
Higher talent retention
You can attract and retain more talent by allowing employees to decide when they want to be paid.
Fully digital
With Flexpay, the experience is intuitive, simple and fully digital.
Flexpay is part of a single flexible compensation management platform, where benefits, meal cards, insurance, budgets, and discounts can be managed.

Jane’s example

Jane's salary translates into a daily amount of 60€

She wants to be paid over the course of the month, rather than in one go.

Jane schedules transfers to be made every 5 days

She will be paid €300, 5 times a month. She can change the number of monthly payments at any time.

On her next payday, Jane will receive her monthly salary minus €1,500.

The amount transferred during the month is deducted from her net salary.

Jane can cancel her scheduled transfers

She can start getting paid in one go at any time.


What is Flexpay?
Which formats are available for this feature?
After requesting a Flexpay transfer, when will the employee receive the amount in his bank account?
An employee is leaving the company. Will they have access to Flexpay?
Is this feature available during all days of the month?
How is the daily net amount that the employee will receive defined?