It's a new day
for the Coverflex brand

Hey, Coverflexer,
Every day we’re bringing better compensation to more employees. And as we grow, our brand grows with us. Scroll down and dive into the key elements that make up our brand, how we use them and how we try to tell our story in the most consistent and compelling light possible.
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Welcome to our brand page! In this page, we will guide you through the essential elements that make up our brand and help you understand how to use them to create consistent and compelling communications.
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Our brand

The sun sets — day is night. 
The sun rises — a fresh morning stretches.
There is no greater, older symbol for transition, for change, for hope.

Coverflex is the rising sun for employees everywhere, bringing warmth, hope, and endless possibilities.
Coverflex is the sun setting over the old way of doing things - and its gatekeepers.

We don’t bring change.
We are change.

warm energy
horizon sun



Peach is cool, catchy, warm and sweet. Between the colours of the sunset and the actual fruit we’re working with an exciting, human, warm and very differentiating tone in a grayish/blueish industry.



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A range of colours that connects us to our roots, that is fresh and vibrant but also warm and sweet.

For a complete version of our brand’s colour system check our brand book.

We are bold about peach and guarantee its protagonism.

We privilege peach as an accent against our light background colour for most of our communication.

Flexible compensation
for modern companies

Compensation doesn’t have to be hard to get. Coverflex makes it simple for managers, accountants and employees.

We make compensation work

Tax optimisation

Fringe benefits help your people optimise their compensation, saving on things they already spend on. You’ll be cutting costs while your employees reach their full earning potential.

Salary Simulator version 1


Weight: Regular
Leading: 100%
Kerning: Optical

Weight: Regular and Bold
Leading: 130%
Kerning: Optical

Weight: Regular and Demi
Leading: 130%
Kerning: Optical

Weight: Regular and Bold
Leading: 130%
Kerning: Auto

Weight: Demi
Leading: 140%
Kerning: Auto
F37 Ginger Pro Regular
F37 Ginger Pro Demi
F37 Ginger Pro Bold

F37 Ginger Pro

For a complete version of our photography and video guidelines check our brand book.

Authentic and inclusive

We mainly use real customers and co-workers. We focus in showcasing real people: from different genders, ages, body types, and ehtnicities. Images should feel as candid as possible, having a relaxed and “raw” editorial feel.

Happy and warm

We prioritise capturing genuine moments, steering clear of staged scenarios, as authenticity is key. We believe that using stock settings can be easily discerned, and our goal is to provide genuine and relatable content that resonates with everyone.

& Illustration
& Illustration

Iconography and illustration serve the purpose of simplifying intricate concepts and swiftly conveying messages.

To ensure effective communication and maintain a cohesive brand experience, it's essential for all icons and illustrations to adhere to a shared style and structure.

For a complete version of our iconography and illustration guidelines check our brand book.

For a more detailed and technical understanding of our brand system check out our brand book and/or download our brand kit.