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How do discounts work?

On your Coverflex app, you can see our entire range of available discounts and learn how to redeem each of them.

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Here’s a sneak peek of our discounts’ network

Get up to 15% off on your next stay
Blog post
Over 90 hotels and 40 inns in Portugal - which one will you choose?
7,13€/week and free transit for any of the 43 clubs
The best of Samsung technology at lower prices
5% discount on beds, mattresses and pillows
25% discount on all DIG-IN PRO plans
10% off on the best food your dog has ever tasted
12% off on every Executive Education program
Blog post
The best weapon to change the world is education. We just make the process easier.
70% off on the first meal you order and 10% off on the following ones
10% off on pharmacies (also works online)
Up to 15% discount in your hotel room reservation
Free delivery on purchases above 75 euros
Blog post
Staying at home never felt so good, did it?
Up to 35% discount on a variety of hotels and destinations
Up to 15% off products and services for your car
15% off thousands of experiences
10% off all Le Wagon bootcamps in Portugal
15% off on pharmacies in the North of Portugal
15% off on minute and hourly rentals
10% discount on psychology and occupational therapy sessions
Work remotely and away from home with 15% off
10% off to improve your English level
Save 30% on footwear, clothing, sports accessories, and much more
... and many more! Find them on your app.
Discounts designed for employees
Coverflex discounts are much more than that. They provide access to exclusive perks, allowing you to double save (benefit’s tax exemption + discount).
Discount + tax exemption

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Trusted brands
Our partners are brands we trust. We identify with their values and customers have confidence in them.
Businesses we believe in
We collaborate with dozens of brands in which vision and mission we believe.
Together we make an impact
We team up with our partners to help you double saving by giving you exclusive discounts on their services and products.