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Coverflex is the fully digital benefits solution that allows you to offer more to your employees while lowering company costs.

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How Coverflex works

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Learn why hundreds of companies in Finance already use Coverflex in Portugal.

Tax optimisation: significant savings for both companies and employees
Higher talent attraction and retention

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The all-in-one solution to manage and enjoy multiple benefits.

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Why Coverflex?

The pros & perks of Coverflex for the financial industry

The pros & perks of Coverflex for the financial industry

Less costs, more value
Everything in one place, 100% digital
Talent attraction and retention

Fixed and transparent pricing

A card and an app for the employee, and a management dashboard for the company.
€7/month per employee on the annual plan
‍€9/month per employee on the monthly plan
One-off cost for the issuing of the cards
‍€6 per employee

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“We went from a multi-supplier reality to just one supplier, a specialist, with all the benefits that this entails: time, clairvoyance and dedication to other fronts.”

Irene Vieira Rua,
Doutor Finanças
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A comparative summary

Meal card
Traditional benefits companies
Benefits, discounts and meal card all in one
Forget about multiple vendors from now on: we are your only point of contact
Benefits with IRS/SS exemption (for company & employee)
Some benefit categories with IRS & SS exemption and others with SS exemption
only meal
only basic benefits
Flexibility for employees
No pre-choices: employees spend their balance when, where and how they want to
One VISA card and app per employee
One single smart card for both benefits and meal balance
Automatic reporting
Get your numbers in to payroll and accounting without breaking a sweat
paid extra
Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing
Only a fixed price per employee and the card issuing cost on the monthly plan
Implementation plan
We help you define and implement a plan adapted to your specific needs
paid extra
Benefícios, descontos e cartão de alimentação num só fornecedor
Somos o vosso único ponto de contacto
Benefícios com isenção de IRS/SS (empresa & colaborador)
5 categorias de benefícios com isenção de IRS/SS e 4 com isenção de SS
Flexibilidade para o colaborador
Sem pré-escolhas: o colaborador gasta o saldo no que pretender a cada momento
Um cartão VISA e uma app por colaborador
Um cartão único, inteligente, para benefícios e alimentação
Relatórios automáticos
Todas as transações aparecem automaticamente na folha de pagamento
Preço transparente e pagamento mensal
Sem comissões, sem custos extra, sem taxas iniciais. Apenas um custo fixo por colaborador
Plano de implementação
Ajudamo-vos a definir e implementar um plano adaptado às vossas necessidades