o you know where the famous statement "All roads lead to Rome" comes from? And do you know the connection that this statement has with the hospitality world?

In the 4th century BC, when Rome ruled Central Italy, the empire had the need to build paths for people to move between different cities. Later on, this network of different pathways was extended to the south of Italy. The fact that people were moving around even more meant that they would stay overnight: generally, the Romans stayed in private houses, pagan temples in the cities or in camps outside the cities’ premisses.

Roman roads were the beginning of accommodation designed for profit. The inns of that time grew and became part of the economic system of cities, generating commercial exchanges between travelers and locals, and even trade in goods between cities. This transformation occurred, mainly, after the great boom in lodging facilities on these roads.

Do you know where the famous statement "All roads lead to Rome" comes from?

Over time, the hospitality world has been changing and developing. In the 1970s, Grupo Pestana's history began. Today, the brand has more than 12 thousand rooms in 100 hotel units, located in 16 countries spread over three continents, and is a reference brand in Portugal and in the world.

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