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Top-padel: six clubs, a reference in the world of paddle

Top-padel's history began at Top-padel Fluvial, with three paddle courts and an individual court - the only one in Portugal. The first club to invest in the paddle adventure in the north of the country has been dedicated to the promotion and management of sports activities linked to this sport since 2013, and now has six clubs in the same area.
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Turning boring into fun: understand the technique behind gamification

A starting point. An objective. And finally, the end goal. In between, there are points, medals, various obstacles to overcome and almost always a hint of competitiveness in the mix. The premise works for almost any game. But not just that.

Remote work and the digital nomad lifestyle

Going to the office doesn't mean doing the job better, much less does the office guarantee the employee's motivation and productivity. Working remotely is not synonymous with loss of company culture or loneliness. On the contrary, remote work is about flexibility, freedom and even a digital nomad lifestyle (because why not?).

Emma - The Sleep Company: a good night's sleep as a premise for a great day

If the concept that Emma brought us at the beginning - a unique and innovative mattress model - was disruptive and helped to expand the business, the brand kicked off 2022 with a change in its focus: awakening the potential of each individual to face everyone's day-to-day challenges. More than a quality night's sleep, Emma becomes the starting point for a great day.
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Back to routine? 19 apps to help making getting back to work easier

Returning to work after a vacation can be tricky. It can translate into moments of greater stress, anxiety, pressure and sometimes some sadness. However, going back to the work routine does not have to be painful. On the contrary, it should be light and peaceful, since the holidays are meant to rest and recharge.
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Budgets: the new feature that brings even more flexibility to employees

This is the feedback we have recently received from many of our customers. Our solution simplifies many aspects of compensation but there is a whole world beyond flexible benefits. With this in mind, we developed a new feature: budgets.

Increase productivity, motivation and communication. Gamification as an internal tool

In recent years, several companies spread across the globe have incorporated gamification as an internal work tool, in order to increase the productivity and motivation of their employees, as well as to make communication clearer and more assertive - basically, with the aim of improving the work experience. Google, Microsoft and HP are just some of the organisations that use gamification techniques in their internal management.

Bird: safe and ecological travel

It has the mission of creating affordable and environmentally friendly transport solutions to help reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector and relieve road traffic. It is present in more than 450 cities around the world, 17 of which are in Portugal. Bird was founded in 2017, in California, and is a pioneer in micro-mobility.