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IWD 2023: Gender inequality is real, and we're all responsible for fighting it

Today, the 8th of March of 2023, is International Women's Day, and we would like to raise awareness about women’s rights, as well as advocate for gender equality and ways to promote it.
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Coverflex and EatsReady: a winner combo

We have been making waves with our recent €15M investment round and launch in the Italian market. Now, we’re executing our commitment to international expansion: today, we announce the full, all-stock acquisition deal of EatsReady, the most innovative digital-only meal solution in Italy.
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Humanitarian crisis in Syria and Turkey - our network institutions that are also working for this cause

In early 2022, we developed the Donations category, which is something that was already in our plans and was accelerated by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. This benefit, which is exempt from Social Security and IRS for the employee, and from TSU for the company, makes it easier to give financial support to public or private entities that are mentioned in the Portuguese tax benefits by-law (EBF - Estatuto de Benefícios Fiscais). To be considered as part of this by-law, these entities must develop work mainly within the social, cultural, environmental or educational fields. 

Le Wagon: tech from Paris to the world

Le Wagon believes that technology is for everyone. It was founded in Paris in 2013 with the aim of building a programme to teach people the skills and tools to bring their ideas to life, as it felt that traditional courses did not satisfactorily provide students with new tech skills.

Flexible benefits. The 'weapon' employers need to tackle quiet quitting 

Quiet quitting has already proved to be more than just 'another trend' on social media. It is much more than that: it is a cry of protest against the workaholic culture, and a reaction to instability. Companies, which are not exempt from blame for the disengagement of professionals, have an obligation to cover neither their ears nor their eyes. And flexible benefits, in turn, can play a key role in the way employers approach this phenomenon.

How does Coverflex work? 9 things you might still have questions about

Have you started using Coverflex recently or is our platform already quite familiar to you? Or maybe you haven't heard about Coverflex's solution at all?
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Multitasking. Benefit or myth? 

It is a somewhat conflicting concept. If, on the one hand, there are those who see multitasking as an advantage in the world of work, on the other hand, there are more and more specialists who consider the relationship between multitasking and an increase in productivity to be a real myth: "We start to lose focus, we make mistakes and there are more and more lapses", says psychologist Teresa Rebelo Pinto. 
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The numbers that made our 2022

Despite the uncertainty, we have transformed. In a year of ups and downs, we were flexible. And in 2022, we improved.