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All The Way's story

Coverflex is a very flexible solution
There is a positive impact on attracting and retaining talent
Employees have more autonomy

The fact that I can use the different components and be able to modify them in my own way and as I want is what makes our day to day a lot easier, and that's what everyone wants.

Raul Vaz
Project Manager

Flexible hours, more vacation days (33 days a year, to be exact) to give people the time they need to manage life and work, the possibility to work four days a week or promotions before maternity leave. At the All The Way consulting firm, the measure of compensation is the measure of the employees. And therefore, everyone has access to different opportunities. "Fortunately, we were able to be flexible and meet what people need on a daily basis, instead of providing them with nice words only. Above all, we try to be a support network", points out Bruno Monteiro, co-founder of the consulting firm based in Porto.

Founded in 2014 by Bruno Monteiro and Tiago Ribeiro dos Santos, All The Way was born closely linked to the background of the two founding partners, who had worked together in larger consulting firms. "At one point it crossed our minds what goes through the heads of 80% of people and makes them leave the big four: the idea that it would be great to do what we do, selecting half a dozen people, and making it the future but in a personal capacity”.

The consulting firm first started to work with tax benefits and financial incentives (for corporate investment projects) and, more recently, it has also been working in the area of corporate finance - transactions, capital raising, investment rounds. Now, All The Way currently has a team of 12 people. "We put together in a single team a value proposition that represents our way of life but in a more relaxed and flexible way", says Bruno Monteiro, in a conversation with Coverflex.

The Challenge

When they were in the search for talent, the All The Way team wanted to integrate people who not only had a dynamic that connected well with the vision of work, but also shared the same values, such as teamwork and transversal training. "We try to have a team that is as homogeneous as possible in terms of values. That's why we have people with experience, all of them handpicked: because we want to thrive in a colder, financial world, in the most correct way. I would say that this is All The way", Bruno underlines.

This diversity was also a challenge when it came to finding a solution that would serve everyone and each one. "As we worked in the fiscal field, which is part of the solutions that Coverflex offers, we already used them. Meal card, Savings and Retirement plans, childcare vouchers. However, this does not change at all the fact that Coverflex fit our needs like a glove", underlines the responsible.

Therefore, while they were looking for people with experience in their three areas of activity, plus these specific profiles, they were proficient in a remuneration range, in which the value proposition, the career perspective and the net conditions that the company can provide are important. "Usually these types of policies are very strict because companies are worried about the existence of exceptions. In our case, we were able to meet the individual situation and the immediate perspective. And, in the medium term, of each person. I would say that everyone has a salary package that is very adapted to what their needs are, whether it's the issue of childcare vouchers, Savings and Retirement plans, education. We always try to find, for each person, the most optimised solution for what they want. And therefore, a solution like the one Coverflex offers saved us hours of documentation and contacts every month", he explains. Bruno Monteiro's math points to a monthly saving of three to five hours, which All The Way spent in conversations with the Savings and Retirement plans insurance, with both health and workers' compensation insurance, or dealing with issuing childcare vouchers. "I admit that Coverflex is a great solution, even for those who are doing something from scratch. But it is still an incredible solution for those who, not starting from scratch and even having knowledge of the solution - which is our case -, see this as an incredible way to be much more efficient in doing what they do ”, he says.

The Solution

Raul Vaz, project manager at All The Way, believes that the fact that Coverflex "can provide solutions in which people feel free to choose is important". "Traditionally, the solutions are very rigid. The fact that I can use the different components and be able to modify them in my own way and as I want is what makes our day to day a lot easier, and that's what everyone wants”, he emphasises, about the benefits of the platform.

Bruno Monteiro simplifies: "Coverflex fits what our management needs were, but it also impacts on attracting and retaining talent. We have obvious advantages in bringing in the best people, but also in retention. This is the second huge advantage Coverflex has, in addition to the efficiency in management and visibility of the employee. Coverflex is a game changer. It arrived in the market, and it arrived with a bang. Even competitors had to move to keep up, because it created a dynamic that is adaptable to all companies, whether it's a novelty from scratch, an upgrade or just a reflection of what already existed", he says. And, if I had to summarise the advantages, they would be, in no particular order, the ability to report, attract and retain people, and, in terms of management, very significant efficiency gains, and the autonomy that it allows employees.

"There is a reciprocity inherent to the culture and intrinsic values, which the founders intend to transmit and share, with meritocracy and responsibility. This inclusive culture, where we are all part of a group that is focused on the same thing, means that they give in the same way they have already received", emphasises Raul Vaz.

"From any perspective, even for a company that already has an interesting compensation policy, Coverflex made everything easier, it was an element that made the process much more fluid, more oiled, much more visible, and more transparent as well. And, from the point of view of those who manage, this transparency is a huge asset for our people. Because it also makes visible what we have to offer", explains Bruno Monteiro.


This story was first published on the Coverflex blog in February 2022.

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