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From beauty to benefits, there’s no such thing as caring too much

Care to Beauty’s story

Care to Beauty was founded in 2015 and has a team of 60 people
There’s a 90% satisfaction with the benefits offered, according to an internal survey
People value their benefits very differently

We didn't want to be in a patronising posture. We see Coverflex as THE option. This is how we look at the benefits.

António Cunha
Head of People & Culture at Care to Beauty

They are Portugal's "largest cosmetics e-commerce". With the mission of making every cosmetic available, from a mass-market cream to products in the luxury segment, Care to Beauty's catalogue hasn't stopped growing since day one.

"We have everything in stock ready to ship, we only sell what is in our warehouse, anything that allows us to provide an excellent service. We can send orders made until 3.30pm of a working day on that same day", says Bruno Gouveia, co-founder of the company.

Selling to more than 150 countries - and having the website translated into 10 languages - Arabic included -, the thousands of positive 5-star online reviews can only mean one thing: an excellent service. And we all know that an excellent service implies having a team that lives up to it.

Founded in 2015 by Bruno Gouveia and Jorge Ferreira, Care to Beauty has a team of 60 people distributed across the several departments. In Portugal (essentially in the Porto Metropolitan Area), Poland and Brazil, compensation is designed to adapt to the needs of each employee, without forgetting the different contexts and personal characteristics.

"One of the things we learned is that people value the benefits we already had very differently. We realised that it was almost impossible to have an internal solution that was so flexible and that pleased everyone. That flexibility component is an extremely important component. And on top of that, we have to give flexibility when it comes to adhering to flexibility. The people who wanted to join, joined, and those who didn't also had the chance to do so", explains Jorge.

The Challenge

With a young team, most of which have higher education qualifications, the idea of broadening the range of compensation-related offers was a priority from day one.

The adoption of a solution that integrated all benefits into a single platform was found and implemented by António shortly after he joined the company. "António was our first HR person," Bruno points out. "He was the one who had all this work. This efficiency happened through him. He has a lot of experience in HR. We already had benefits: we started with an interesting baseline, we had health insurance, and a plus that was distinctive in the market, dental care. We started from a base, but Coverflex came to help," he says.

"Coverflex came to respond to two fundamental and pressing needs that we had: the issue of the meal card, because we were at the tax threshold and it only made sense for us to give raises by means of a solution. And, on the other hand, because Coverflex was the ideal solution for us as it integrated the other pillar we wanted to push forward in tax optimisation: to give people more income and a wider range of options", says António, detailing some of his greatest fears with the adoption of the platform.

"My main fear had to do with our accounting. Because, from a practical point of view, the platform is quite automated, the process is 100% digital. From my side the solution is great from the moment of implementation”. The fear here had more to do with the accounting and fiscal aspects. But in the very first month this was resolved because, in addition to Coverflex having a support manual for accountants, which was well received by the company providing this service to us, the documents exported in the very first month did not raise the slightest doubt. In fact, we had a very positive reaction because everything was very detailed."

The Solution

In order to implement Coverflex at Care to Beauty, the company took into consideration a series of activities: a formal presentation of the product was one of the priorities, accompanied by a set of documents and clarifications on the subject, prepared by the human resources team.

"The meal allowance is simple. The matter of benefits presents various perspectives," explains António, while warning: "We didn't want to be in a patronising posture. We see Coverflex as THE option. This is how we look at the benefits. We will move towards a perspective of being zero patronising on benefits, and people having an amount and choosing where to spend it. And Coverflex gives us that.

So there may be "one year when people may not be interested in having money allocated to benefits, and then the next year they will be". "People can have children in the meantime, or want to buy a new mobile phone: needs are always changing. In general, most people understood and realised the pillars that were fiscally most interesting (the ones exempt from Social Security and personal income tax). Those were the ones people chose the most from the beginning," explains the Head of People & Culture at Care to Beauty.

"Right now, both in the evaluation of card and benefits, we have a satisfaction of 100% in one of them, and in benefits we see a 90% satisfaction. Very positive results: empirically the uptake has been good," he concludes.

António’s favourite benefit Technology

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