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Coverflex, from compensation to a Slack channel

Damia's story

Coverflex emerged from the quest to provide more liquidity to employees
Slack channel dedicated to the platform helped evangelise workers
Platform allows a clearer view of the applicability of benefits

The need arose to increase the number of people we had, to find a solution that allowed us to centralise and that people could use as they wanted.

João Castro
Finance Manager

Let's start at the beginning: do the challenges of attracting and retaining talent increase or decrease as the team grows? In Damia's case, they became more visible as the team grew. That is why, when João Castro joined the team, in December 2020, Damia - that had at that time 20 employees - did not have benefit models. In a remote work model in almost all areas, the company realised that it was time to think about it. But Damia didn't want a traditional solution, with pre-defined budgets that left little room for the team's real needs.

"In 2021, this one company became two: one for the outsourcing business, the other for recruitment", he recalls. With a current team of 55 employees, the specialised recruitment company that works primarily in the IT area now uses Coverflex, a solution tailored to each and every one.

The Challenge

"The need arose to increase the number of people we had, to find a solution that allowed us to centralise and that people could use as they wanted”, he remembers. With the objective of providing more flexibility to employees, Coverflex came up. "What little we had turned out to be a lot of HR and financial work". Once the procedure was decided, Damia chose to also transfer the meal card to Coverflex's solution. "We have been learning from this process but we had several doubts, especially in accounting, and we had to understand them". The communication work, that was done on the one hand with accounting and, on the other hand, with employees, was one of the biggest challenges of the transition. "People are very used to traditional models", points out João.

To facilitate the onboarding of Damia employees on the Coverflex platform, the company created specific communication - the development of a "salary simulator" was one of the tools that generated the most curiosity - and even a Slack channel where workers share questions and findings. "People already know the platform's potential, but what they want in the end is flexibility".

The Solution

The first impression of Ricardo Andrade, Team Lead at Damia, regarding Coverflex was that of a "very interesting and practical solution for everyday use". "For me, the main interest lies in the acquisition of technology (Apple), and childcare vouchers. The process of using both was very intuitive", he emphasises.

The platform "did not really change the view on the "flex benefits", but perhaps it allowed a clearer view on their applicability", he guarantees.

Carolina Rodrigues, Tech-People Recruiter at Damia, underlines the simplicity of the Coverflex app as one of the things that added value the most. "The app is very intuitive and simple. (...) Coverflex has shown that it is possible to have flexible benefits that suit all needs. We have a very diverse team and we manage to find solutions that work for everyone", she says, stressing that her favourite features are "Technology" and "Savings and Retirement". "It's been a good way to encourage savings", she says, about the latter. For João Castro, the centralisation of all options and the ease of payroll, reimbursements and the experience as a whole make Coverflex a "very satisfactory" solution. "We are fans of Coverflex", he concludes.


This story was first published on the Coverflex blog in January 2022.

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