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Fresh fish, from sea to plate — but hold the bones

Bitcliq's story

Team growth sparked the search for a flexible benefits platform
Coverflex makes salary reviews simpler
Explaining how to use the platform to employees was an easy process

The fact that the platform can be used for multiple purposes is one of the biggest advantages, as well as the network and the ease of management at the back office level.

Cristina Serralheiro
Executive Assistant and Corporate Communication

Getting cosy with the fish, from the sea to our plates. Founded in 2018 and working in BlueTech, Bitcliq is focused on using artificial intelligence within what is known as the “blue economy”, specifically in the fishing industry.

“We’re bringing the fishing chain to the digital age, from the fishing boat to the end-customer, with a lot of transparency and reliable data”, says Cristina Serralheiro, Executive Assistant & Corporate Communication at Bitcliq.

Looking closely at the fishing industry, the startup partnered with Docapesca, a company from the business sector of the state, which is responsible for the first moment of fish sale in Portugal, to develop a smart system for weighing the product.

“We started out in 2019 with a pilot project in Peniche. We’ve recently come public with the expansion on December 6th and are in the process of making it a national endeavour during 2022 and 2023. The pilot, developed from 2019 to 2021, helped us create and implement two smart weighing systems: one that works aboard the boats and another one in the fish markets, to validate the weight of all unloaded fish. They both automatically identify the species and weigh it using an AI algorithm, making it a faster and more accurate process”, Cristina says.

The Challenge

With a number of project teams, mostly made up of developers, and still growing, Bitcliq was looking for a flexible and dynamic solution to reward its talent and recognise the accomplishments of the people involved in the company’s success. “We had the project on standby but were essentially wanting to define salary reviews with a solution that would benefit both parties involved”.

This challenge spoke to Coverflex’s flexible solution.

Explaining Coverflex to employees was “easy”, in her words. “We used your channels, created a demo for management and one for employees, with a case study”, she recalls.

The Solution

“The fact that the platform can be used for multiple purposes is one of the biggest advantages, as well as the network and the ease of management at the back office level.”, Cristina shared.

Among her favourite options (which most of her team shares) are the Retirement & Investment products, such as PPR, as add-ons to their wages.

For Davide Francisco, Head of Project and Software Engineer at Bitcliq, “both the card and the app are easy to use, so I didn’t come up against any challenge”.

This story was first published on the Coverflex blog in December 2021.

Cristina's favourite benefit: Retirement & Investment

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