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Coverflex rhymes with flexibility which rhymes with happiness

Jscrambler's story

Tech market competitiveness increases FOMO regarding job offers
Coverflex's solution allows integrating diversity of benefits to talent needs
Freedom, autonomy and flexibility describe the Jscrambler culture

We are an IT company, there are many job offers for few engineers. Grabbing talent and making them stay turns out to be a challenge. Freedom, autonomy and flexibility have always been a concern in this regard.

Cátia Barbosa
HR & Office Operations

When a new employee joins the team, they are invited to work from the office more often to understand how everything works and find their place. At Jscrambler, peoplep are welcomed in-house, as if it were a real home. Born in 2014 at UPTEC, in Porto, Jscrambler has two fundamental products, both based on cybersecurity via Javascript protection.

“It started as a startup, and with a very typical startup culture: an open space office and informal treatment, without 'that authority thing'. As a colleague of ours describes it when speaking about our culture, Jscrambler ‘is informal but professional’”, says Cátia Barbosa, HR & Office Operations at the company. The talent comes from a global market, which is increasingly competitive. And that requires greater adaptation to its rapid changes. Especially when it comes to people.

“We are an IT company, there are many job offers for few engineers. Grabbing talent and making them stay turns out to be a challenge. Freedom, autonomy and flexibility have always been a concern in this regard”, explains the official.

The Challenge

The idea of ​​looking for a flexible benefits solution arose for two reasons: first, out of necessity, because it was necessary to solve the problem of a meal card that did not work well. The second reason had to do with FOMO: it was necessary to offer the same - or better - than the competition, in an increasingly competitive market.

Here, employee retention and satisfaction of offering solutions that were already offered in the market was a concern. “We didn't want to be left behind, we wanted to be pioneers. We started with childcare vouchers, but we had few people taking advantage of this solution and we couldn't find alternatives that were diversified enough to help us keep people satisfied and happy at work, while increasing their potential net income”, details Sara Mota, responsible for Jscrambler's Finance department.

“Coverflex emerged as a good alternative to solve these two pain points, both the flexible benefits - more options and for all ages and stages of life -, and also the part of having a card that had a wider network”.

The Solution

The implementation of the Coverflex solution was carried out in phases. First, for a restricted and controlled group of seven people from the team, who tested the platform and its practical application. Then for the rest of the team and whoever joins.

In practice, Coverflex solved the two initial challenges, first because of the debit card system that works on the whole VISA network, “which helped a lot to improve our meal card experience”, and second, because of the wide benefit offer that allows Jscrambler to incorporate an offer tailored to each employee.

The first concerns were always related to the introduction of the solution. “We wanted to try to understand if there were problems on the user side: if the platform, the app and the card were working well. It was something important for us because we were afraid of what the reaction might be and how the information was received by the employees”, justifies Cátia. Sara adds: “We wanted the transition to be well-received. And to be sure that the effort and investment we were making was worth it”. “The feedback has been very positive”, concludes Sara, who praises the practicality of the contactless feature, immediate notifications for every expense and, also, the fact that reimbursements are “very easy to ask”.

Sara's favourite benefit: Meal

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