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Cron.Studio: Optimising compensation step by step

Cron.Studio’s Story

Coverflex's interface is very simple and intuitive
The plan is to gather all compensation dimensions in one place
VISA network simplifies card usage

The differentiating factor was your interface, very simple and intuitive, and this was confirmed as we were using the platform.

Pedro Silva
Human Resources Manager at Cron.Studio

Providing help to grow by providing the tools to be. If Cron.Studio had a motto, it might as well be this one. Founded in 2017, Cron comes up with the goal of being a “startup studio”, that is, of creating all the necessary conditions for launching a startup, “from the financial and administrative part, we do all the CFO service”, assures Pedro Silva, Human Resources Manager at Cron.Studio, in conversation with Coverflex.

Headquartered in Coimbra, and present all over the country, the idea of the platform is to be a “partner in innovation and technological development”, which can involve influencing the hardware and software of ideas and businesses, as well as the business design.

The Challenge

Not as an “object” but as a “lever”: this is how Coverflex emerges in the history of Cron.Studio. With the aim of making it simpler and easier to allocate compensation to the company's 10 employees and, at the same time, adjust their consumption needs to a variety of possibilities.

The meal card, the first vertical implemented by the team, was the starting point for an extension to other product features. “The differentiating factor was your interface, very simple and intuitive, and this was confirmed as we were using the platform.”, clarifies the Human Resources Manager.

“In the meantime, since we have been using it we realised the fact that the meal card uses the VISA network turned out to be interesting, because it opens up an interesting range that does not exist in other solutions with closed partner networks”, adds Pedro Silva.

The Solution

Cron.Studio, a customer of Coverflex since June 2021, has been adopting the solution in stages. First, the meal card was adopted. Then, insurance migration happened. And - who knows? - Cron.Studio might adopt the Wallet in the future, which integrates benefits, insurance and meal allowance on a single platform.

“Coverflex was a pioneer in this type of approach: this was perhaps the biggest factor, in addition to how interesting the platform's user experience is. The cards are contactless, the whole process is practical for employees, the offer is much better”, details Pedro Silva.

Next steps? To integrate more discounts on the platform, ones that can reach the Coimbra region, where most of Cron.Studio's employees live. We are already working on it.

Pedro's favourite benefit Meal

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