Coverflex Childcare

The simple and practical way to support your team’s families. Coverflex Childcare is the only fully digital and completely autonomous experience to create childcare vouchers.

  • 2% Coverflex fee
  • No phone calls, no negotiations
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Coverflex Childcare Advantages

  • 40% IRC tax mark up for the company
  • Total exemption of Social Security Tax (TSU) for the company
  • Total tax exemption (IRS and TSU) for employees
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The Coverflex Childcare voucher is used to pay for the education expenses of children until the age of 7

Regulated by the DL 26/99 of January 28th, it can be used in public, private or public-private nurseries, daycare facilities and pre-schools.
It allows companies to support the families of their employees while benefitting fiscally from the 40% IRC and TSU tax mark up.

Explore our certified network of schools
Find out if we’re already working with the school your employees’ kids attend.

Creating a Coverflex Childcare voucher has 0 costs for the schools. They receive the payment within 3 weekdays.

Fixed and transparent pricing
2% fee

market fews usually vary between 3% and 7% depending on negotiated proposals

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Coverflex Clients

create your first voucher in 3 simple steps

fully digital and autonomous process

  • no phonecalls
  • no proposals
  • no paperwork

Cria uma conta para a tua empresa em

Só precisamos do nome e NIF da tua empresa. Na visita seguinte, é só fazer login na área reservada para teres acesso ao histórico e criar novos cheques.

Set up your company account at

All we need is your company’s name and tax number. When you return, just login and you’ll be able to look up activity records and create new vouchers.

Create a Coverflex Childcare voucher

Enter your employee and his/her dependent’s information and define the voucher amount. As soon as you confirm, details for payment will become available on the platform.

Cria um cheque Coverflex Infância

Insere os dados do colaborador e do seu dependente, escolhe a escola e define o valor do cheque. Ao confirmares, os detalhes para pagemento ficam disponíveis na plataforma.

Paga por transferência bancária

Assim que validarmos a tua transferência, o pagamento à escola é imediato. A empresa e os colaboradores são notificados e a fatura fica disponível na tua área reservada.

Set up a bank transfer for payment

Payment to the school happens as soon as we confirm your transfer. Your company and employees are notified and the invoice is made available with the rest of your account info inside the platform.

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