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At Coverflex, you’ll have a fully digital insurance experience. We have access to the best plans in the market for health, personal accidents, life and pension insurance.

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Benefits balance

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Tailor-made insurance plans, at the best price

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For the company

Over 6 000 companies and 125 000 employees choose our solution. Our insurance plans are customised to the needs of each member of your team, ensuring employee retention and satisfaction.

Competitive prices and tailor-made plans

Built-in intuitive experience, with constant support

Flexibility and autonomy

Dedicated account manager

Competitive prices and tailor-made plans
We have access to highly competitive prices, as wel as customised plans, created with every person’s needs in mind.
Built-in intuitive experience, with constant support
Intuitive insurance management, always with the support of our dedicated team. Save time and money with full integration of insurance, meal allowances and benefits in one place.
Flexibility and autonomy
Take out a basic insurance plan and give each employee the option of upgrading to a higher coverage plan. The upgrade is tax-free (SS and IRS) when carried out using the benefits balance.
Dedicated account manager
You'll be assigned a specialised account manager, dedicated to helping you manage benefits related to life insurance, health and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as finding solutions to complex cases. The manager plays a key role in effectively communicating the plan to the Human Resources team and employees, ensuring a comprehensive and transparent understanding of the perks offered.
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For the employee

The Coverflex app allows you to manage your insurance, meal balance and benefits balance, and also gives you access to exclusive discounts.

Add family members and/or upgrade your insurance with your benefits balance

If you want to upgrade your health insurance, go to the app and use the benefits balance so that the price difference is exempt from Social Security tax and personal income tax (IRS). You can also add family members in a few seconds in the app.

Use your health insurance and cover the remaining costs with your Coverflex benefits balance

Pay for the amount your health insurance doesn't cover with your Coverflex card, using your benefits balance! The card is contactless and part of the Visa network, and you can use it to pay on the spot, be it a hospital, clinic or well-being facility.

Why is it important to offer health insurance to employees?


Health insurance is the benefit that most employees seek to have


people in Portugal have health insurance


multinationals, medium and large companies already offer health insurance

150 000+

employees of 7 000+ companies already use Coverflex


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