t Coverflex, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our product, so we can live up to the mission of providing companies with a unique tool to manage employees’ benefits, meal allowance, and insurance.

There are several benefits available in our platform, and the Retirement and Investment benefit still holds first place in the preference list of Coverflexers: 37.7% of employees who use Coverflex invest at least part of their benefit balance in it. In line with this, we’re happy to introduce a new and improved Savings and Retirement Plan: PPR Coverflex REAL Seguro E. 

Why PPR Coverflex REAL Seguro E?

If you subscribe to PPR Coverflex REAL Seguro E and withdraw your investment on the first year, you only pay a 1% fee, whilst with PPR REAL Seguro Poupança E the fee for this action is 1.25%. From the second year to the fifth year, the withdrawal fee is 0.5%, and from the sixth year onwards it’s 0%.

The minimum investment amount for PPR Coverflex REAL Seguro E is €100.50, and it has guaranteed capital and minimum guaranteed profitability - Gross Annual Nominal Rate (TANB) - of 0.25%, just like the PPR REAL Seguro PPR Poupança E. In the first annuity, the profitability will be 0.75% (TANB) on each delivery made minus any subscription commissions.

When can I invest in PPR Coverflex REAL Seguro E?

PPR Coverflex REAL Seguro E is now available for subscription in the app! You can manage the Coverflex REAL Seguro E PPR exactly the same way as you manage REAL Seguro PPR Poupança E, and you can access both at Real Vida Seguros.

You can read more about the Savings and Retirement benefit and other Coverflex benefits here.

If you have any questions, you can find us in our usual places: [email protected] and your in-platform chat. We’re always happy to help!