lexibility. If we were told, in 2021, that the buzzword for Coverflex's second year on the market would be the same buzzword we had on the first year on the market, we would have found it redundant. #jk

The more flexible we are, the more flexible we want to be.

Despite the uncertainty, we have transformed.

In a year of ups and downs, we were flexible.

And in 2022, we improved.

Was it 2022 that asked for flexibility? Well, then. Here we are.

Did we work harder? Maybe. We worked a lot, for sure. But we worked better.

In 2022, we grew.

In all dimensions. From the inside out, our team went from 47 to 90 Coverflexers. While others returned to the office, we have become more flexible: today, we have a remote team working from Portugal, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland and Brazil.

From the outside in, we multiplied.

We grew by three digits in the number of companies (+203%) and in the number of employees (+153%), positioning ourselves as market leaders. And we welcomed over 45,000 people: we are now more than 60,000 Coverflexers in 3,200 companies, making the most of their compensation. But we won’t stop here.

In 2022, companies invested more than 65 million euros in flexible benefits, accounting for more than two million transactions throughout the year.

Retirement and Investment products remain at the top of Coverflexers' preferences: they are the favourite flexible benefit (37.7%), followed by Coverflex Childcare voucher (19.5%) and Professional Training (11.3%).

On average, each Coverflexer who chose to apply their benefits to Retirement and Investment products invested 2,702 euros during 2022. Investment in Education was 3.2 million euros: Coverflexers who used their benefits to invest in education and training invested an average of 1,332 euros.

Our heart also expanded.

In record time, in 2022, we launched the possibility, through Coverflex, to use our benefits balance to support those who need it most. Our Donations feature has been used by many of you (and by all Coverflexers): with your collaboration, we helped 10 institutions that support people in need, with an average of 79 euros per day via Coverflex.

On LinkedIn, we are closely watched: we lead the list of Portuguese startups on this social network (#1 LinkedIn Top Companies) and are followed by more than 12,000 people. It was with this community that we exchanged ideas in 17 webinars and 24 physical events. And also with them - with you - we shared knowledge and discussions about financial literacy, compensation and the future of work. The post with the most readings on our website lives up to this mission: “Personal Income Tax (PIT) in Portugal: how do I know how much I have to pay?".

In 2022, we lost count of the lines of code written, but we continued to make history: on Slack, our preferred communication platform, we exchanged 1,210,114 messages.

On Zoom? Well, there were 1,508,384 minutes of conversations with thousands of interlocutors, which is equivalent to 2.9 years of video calls in just 365 days.

In customer service? It took us, on average, 42 seconds to respond to those who spoke to us in the chat. These numbers are far from breathtaking for us.

We just started.

For all of this and more: thank you!

We love that you're on that side.

See you in 2023.