oday we share with our community that we now have integration with two management software, Primavera and PHC! Now, in addition to being able to assign flexible benefits to employees and manage them easily and quickly, companies using Coverflex can also make use of either of these software, further optimising employee compensation management.

What is a management software and how can it help companies?

A management software is a complex technology that allows the optimisation of administrative tasks, namely finance, accounting and human resources, ensuring their organisation and efficiency.

Management software helps companies save time and often reduce costs. In addition, by helping to streamline administrative tasks, they increase the productivity of the teams responsible for key departments in these tasks, such as finance and human resources.

What does the integration with Primavera and PHC mean for companies using Coverflex?

Integration with Primavera and PHC management software means that, after setting up the software, companies only need to import the salary processing report and the information is automatically ready for this purpose. In the case of PHC software, it is also possible to integrate other functionalities, such as employee balance top-ups.

So, in addition to ensuring that companies can easily assign and manage flexible benefits, meal card, insurance, and discounts, Coverflex now also enables the use of this software, adding an extra layer of efficiency to our flexible compensation solution.