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How to keep your finances healthy until the end of the year

Keeping your personal finances healthy until the end of the year can be a real challenge, especially if your bank account took a hit during the summer holidays. You may have taken out a loan or used up all your holiday allowance and your tax refund. And if you have children, getting your accounts back in balance can be even more complicated, with school starting back in September. ‍But don't panic. There are strategies you can implement over the next few months to get your finances back on track before the end of 2023. Here are some of them.

Personal Income Tax (IRS): the step-by-step guide for filing your tax return in Portugal

Is this the first time you are filing your tax return in Portugal? Do you have new expenses or income to declare to the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority and don't know how to fill in your declaration? This Personal Income Tax (IRS) practical guide shows you what to do, step by step.

How to have a 2023-proof finance plan in Portugal

2023 can be a challenging year for many Portuguese people, especially for those with a mortgage. Although many workers and pensioners will benefit from an increase in their net income this year, it is expected that high inflation and rising interest rates will continue to affect personal finances and reduce families' purchasing power.

Income: what can change in 2023

After a year marked by rising inflation - which reached 10.6% in October, with the European Commission predicting that the inflation rate in Portugal in 2022 will settle at 8% -, the purchasing power of the majority of Portuguese people has dropped significantly. With this context in mind, the Government has put forward some proposals to increase the income of citizens in Portugal in 2023.

What is the real cost of an employee in a Portuguese company?

With an increasingly competitive job market, setting salaries for future employees is not an easy task. After all, companies have to consider the average salary of this professional activity in question, not only according to the candidate's professional experience, but also taking into account the final cost that they represent.

Which benefits are tax-free?

You got a job offer where benefits in addition to the base salary are contemplated but don't know if they are tax free? Do you have questions about whether a certain benefit is subject to Personal Income Tax or Social Security discounts? This article may be helpful for you!

Which flexible benefits can I offer my employees?

In 2022, flexible benefits are an asset for companies to hire and retain top employees. After all, attracting and retaining talent is not an easy task these days.

Personal Income Tax (PIT) in Portugal: how do I know how much I have to pay?

You don't quite understand the amount of Personal Income Tax (PIT) you need to pay in Portugal? Have you received a job offer and would like to understand your net salary better? ‍To begin with, it is important to understand that the PIT is the Personal Income Tax, which means that there is a tax applied to the income of every citizen, except in some very specific cases foreseen by the law. Thus, there is a rate, that varies according to some factors, that will be applied to your income (monthly wage and other ad-ons) and that you will need to pay to the government. Currently, many companies also offer flexible benefits, a way to complement fixed salaries, boosting employee income and saving the company money.