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Compensation doesn’t have to be hard to get. Coverflex makes it simple for managers, accountants and employees.

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Number of employees
Average benefits balance (yearly)
1 200€
Annual savings
19 400€
Social Security exemption (23,75%)
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Number of children
Daily value
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1 200€
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1 200€
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Tax optimisation

Fringe benefits help your people optimise their compensation, saving on things they already spend on.

You’ll be cutting costs while your employees reach their full earning potential.

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Everything in one place

Coverflex lets you pick and choose the benefits you want to give your people and helps you manage them all in one place.

For one benefit or many, simplifying management and centralizing your processes is the way to go.

Let your people choose

Empower your team to make decisions on how to spend their own compensation on the go.

Hear from our customers

"Offering a benefits policy to complement our people's salaries was always part of our plan as an employer - it's a fiscally efficient solution that makes sense for us. But we were wasting too much time managing administrative tasks. Coverflex is helping us change that. Their solution is so easy to implement and manage, and that lets us get back to daily work with confidence and peace.
We know we are giving our people the best and being efficient with our resources at the same time."
Rita Franca
Head of People
“I brought together in the same place everything I was managing separately: that saves me a lot of time. It’s a relief to stop micro-managing this stuff.”
Paulo Cunha
CEO and Co-founder
“Taking care of our people is part of who we are. Having time for what really matters and making things uncomplicated is essential! Traditional solutions are time-consuming and lack clear information. With Coverflex we all win!”
Irene Vieira Rua
HR Director
Doutor Finanças
“I brought together in the same place everything I was managing separately: that saves me a lot of time. It’s a relief to stop micro-managing this stuff.”
Rui Costa
"With other benefit management solutions, we had to work with many different, scattered providers and understand complicated commission schemes that kept adding up. With Coverflex, we can make realistic predictions. At the end of the month, we won't be paying extra fees for usage or adding up costs per service. The price is transparent and fixed."
Mário Ribeiro Alves
CEO and Co-founder
"Coverflex lets us give our people custom benefits offers that they can manage with flexibility. The experience is straightforward, pleasant and easy to understand. It helps us improve our team's quality of life and lets us know that what we work hard to give them is valued and used."
Maia Pedro
Marketing Director Portugal

Coverflex Plans


The easiest way to award, manage and enjoy multiple benefits, includes our Childcare and Meal services.

6€/month per employee


The first fully digital and autonomous experience to issue childcare vouchers.

2% fixed comission


The best experience to manage and spend Meal Allowance.

1€/month per employee
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