The Employee Wallet

The easiest way to award, manage and enjoy every part of employee compensation beyond salary
Meal Allowance
Pay for meals, groceries and online orders with a VISA card.
Fiscally efficient options to fit the many needs of your team.
People do their best work when they’re free from worry.
+ offer tax-free products and discounted services from the likes of Apple, Holmes Place, etc...

Allocate budgets and give your team control

Each employee spends their value using the card and the app.
Meal Allowance
1 343,00
Flexible & on the go
More options and control
With a single app and a single card, your people can manage both meal and benefits allowances.
Give your employees ownership of their own flexible compensation process.
Forget about yearly commitments: employees don’t have to choose, they can just use.
Exclusive prices on services and products on top of your fiscal benefit.

One direct provider to unite them all

We replace multiple vendors in one platform so you don’t have to.
Smooth & simple management
Make the most of what you have
Quickly onboard new employees and set up wallets and new or existing insurance.
Simplify and automate reporting for your payroll and accountant
One point of contact for all of your processes and support needs.

Seamless, efficient, and all in one place, starting at €5 per employee per month.

or transfer, buy and manage your insurance for free.
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Customer story

“Taking care of our people is part of who we are. Having time for what really matters and making things uncomplicated is essential! Traditional solutions are time-consuming and lack clear information. With Coverflex we all win!”
Irene Vieira Rua
Directora Recursos Humanos @Doutor Finanças

Customer story

“I didn’t even know I had to update company’s workers compensation insurance for remote workers, did that in 1 min with Coverflex..."
Rui Costa
Founder and CEO @ Eat Tasty

Customer story

“I brought together in the same place everything I was managing separately: that saves me a lot of time. It’s a relief to stop micro-managing this stuff.”
Founder and CEO @ Velocidi