veiro is a territory where the presence of water and nature are dominant forces. The richness of the landscape combined with the range of attractions and activities available invites remote workers and digital nomads to stay in this region for a few days. The idea is to work from here and, at the same time, explore the territory, the characteristics that the Ria de Aveiro (that is, the Aveiro lagoon) gives it, as well as socialising with the locals.

Aveiro, such a rich place, deserves a tour so that you don't miss anything about it and that you always have something to do after work, between meetings or during weekends.

1. Work from a coworking space in the region 

If you are working from Aveiro, we advise you to look for a coworking space where you can work and, at the same time, meet other remote workers, local or digital nomads in the region. In Aveiro there are a number of spaces that can welcome you, from the Águeda Business Incubator to Ocupa Cowork Aveiro or Vouga Park. You can check all available coworking spaces here.

2. Travel the Ria de Aveiro by "moliceiro"

Here we are flooded by the colourful stripes of the haystacks of Costa Nova, by the tradition of Arte Xávega (traditional form of fishing), by the infinite tile patterns on the façades and by the architecture of Aveiro. The artistic heritage is great and makes Aveiro the museum city of Art Nouveau. As a city of canals, one of the best ways to explore it is in one of its classic "moliceiros" - the boats that sail in the Ria de Aveiro -, or by taking advantage of the "bugas", bicycles that you can find throughout the city and rent for free.

3. Don't miss artistic and cultural activities

In the arts and entertainment world, we highlight the Estarreja Urban Art Festival (ESTAU), which brings art to the streets, or the timeless revelry of the Ovar Carnival. The University of Aveiro is also one of the points worthy of reference in the city, classified several times and by different rankings as one of the best universities in Portugal and within Europe. ‍

4. Discover the area's biodiversity

The biodiversity that inhabits the ecosystem of the Ria makes this territory a sea of endless possible experiences. From a visit to the Dunas de São Jacinto Nature Reserve, a place of great abundance of water birds, to a perfect getaway, to the routine at Termas da Curia, passing through small woods and sandy beaches as far as the eye can see.

5. Taste the gastronomy of the region

To close the tour, it is mandatory to taste the dishes made with fresh products from the sea and the Ria. And, of course, the famous "ovos moles" and "tripas" in Aveiro, and the "pão de ló" from Ovar.

6. Get to know Aveiro's salt pans

Aveiro's salt is one of the most famous in the world, and the production there is quite old. So, take advantage of your exploring this region to get to know a salt flat. Many of them offer guided tours, with explanations about the history and the production processes. Marinha da Noerinha and Marinha da Passagem are two of the options.

7. Bike in the Passadiços de Aveiro 

Opened in 2018, the Passadiços de Aveiro are a beautiful option for those who have more time in the city and want to be closer to nature. It is a wooden path of 7.5 kilometres (or double, if you consider the round trip), which can be done by bicycle or on foot, whichever you prefer. Make sure you go in time to see the sunset - we can promise you it's worth it!

8. Sunbathe and dive in Aveiro's beaches

Since you are on the coast of Portugal and with good weather right at your doorstep, we suggest that you enjoy the beaches of Aveiro. Praia da Barra is famous for its lighthouse, one of the tallest in Portugal, and for being the place where the Ria de Aveiro meets the sea. If you like water sports, you can go to the beach to surf or windsurf during a work break or at the end of the day. Costa Nova is also very popular with surfers, mainly due to its rough sea.

9. Looking for an adrenaline rush? Try rafting

If you want a pure adrenaline experience, you can always try rafting, a team sport where all participants aim to steer a boat in white water. There are some companies that organise this type of activities on the Paiva River, in Arouca (Aveiro district). The rafting season starts every year with the first autumn rains and ends when summer begins.

10. Visit the Vista Alegre Museum

Last but not least: we suggest that you do not leave Aveiro without visiting the Vista Alegre Museum, in Ílhavo. Located on the grounds of the porcelain factory that goes by the same name, this museum displays the record of the evolution in the manufacture of Portuguese porcelain. The visitor is invited to enter the world of the first manufactured glass pieces, the unique pieces of the end of the Portuguese monarchy and the pieces commemorating notable dates. In addition, at certain times of the year, the Vista Alegre Museum organises workshops. The next one will be a painting workshop.