ave you just started using Coverflex and don't know where you can use your benefits balance nor your meal balance? You already know your way around Coverflex, but you still have some questions about where you can pay with benefits? Don't know which places are associated with each category of benefits that your company has activated for you?

To help you, we present in this article some of the places where you can use your Coverflex card, within the various categories available. Remember to explore the discounts section of your app as well - there are plenty of discounts in shops where you can use your benefits balance, allowing you to save twice as much!

Meal allowance

The Coverflex card is a VISA card that has two balances: the benefits balance and the meal balance. If your company has signed up for Coverflex Meal only, your Coverflex card will work in all restaurants, supermarkets and food delivery services, both online and in-store, that are part of the VISA network. If you're a fan of UberEats, Bolt Food or Glovo, you'll be pleased to know that you can use your Coverflex card in all these apps!

If your company has signed up to Wallet, you not only have access to the meal balance, but also to the benefits balance. Here's a list of the benefits available at Coverflex:

Education expenses

Are you or is someone in your family studying for a degree? Are you responsible for school, training centre or university fees? Does the start of the school year mean buying school supplies and stationery?

You can use your benefits balance on education expenses for you and your family.

Stock up on school supplies, stationery and technical books at Fnac, Worten, Note or Staples, and pay for tuition fees at ISCTE, the University of Lisbon, Porto, Minho or Aveiro, the Nova School of Business and Economics, the British Council and Le Wagon, among many others, with your benefits balance!

Health and well-being

Health comes first. Don't neglect it! With your benefits balance, you can pay for expenses at clinics and hospitals, in the public or private sector, such as CUF and the Lusíadas, Trofa and Luz Saúde groups, as well as pharmacies, such as the Sofarma group or A Farmácia online, and even drug stores, such as Wells. Lab tests also fall into this category. Unilabs, Grupo Germano de Sousa and Synlab are some of the options.

Therapy sessions (at Clínica da Mente, for example), physical therapy and optometry or others, along with the use of physical and mental health apps, are not left out - your benefits balance allows you to make these payments.

Gym and Fitness

Healthy mind, healthy body! Stay physically active in one of the many gyms or sports clubs in Portugal, among other places that have the same activity code (CAE). Through this category, you can pay the monthly fee for Solinca, Holmes Place, Fitness Hut and Fitness UP with your Coverflex benefits!

Public Transportation

Are you looking after your health, but also that of the planet? Your monthly Carris and CP social cards and your Andante can be paid for using your benefits balance.

Professional Training

Keeping up to date is essential for your professional development. Have you checked out the master's and postgraduate programmes at Porto Business School, Nova SBE and Universidade Católica? Or the programming courses at Le Wagon? How about giving your English a boost at the British Council? Choose one or more professional courses and don't get left behind!


Do you have Apple, Samsung or Lenovo technology items on your wishlist? You can use your benefits balance to pay for them (and even get a discount at Apple)! 

You can also buy technology equipment at Fnac, Worten or Staples, among others.


Are you travelling by car? With your Coverflex benefits balance, you can pay for EMEL and EPORTO car parks, among others.

Now that you know more places where you can use Coverflex, don't waste any more time. Whether you pay by card or by reimbursement, every time you use your benefits, you're already saving!

Do you still have questions about possible places where you can pay with your card? Email us at [email protected] or talk to our team.