here are more than 80 restaurants belonging to the chain, operating in Lisbon, Cascais and Porto. Founded by Álvaro Meyer at the end of 2020, the Portuguese company Volup revolutionised the world of food delivery. How? By creating an extension of the experience of the best restaurants in the city, taking the dishes of the great chefs to the customers' homes while keeping the care and excellence.

The FoodTech believes that a more refined menu requires special care and, therefore, gives full attention to customer service in what comes to food packaging and up until the delivery moment. Thus, it is possible to have, at your table, the best food of the chefs in the comfort of your home. And without losing a hint of the flavour of the best dishes.

After each order, what arrives at the customer's table, the company guarantees, is the “dish as it had just come out of the kitchen”. “Volup represents a lifestyle for people who want a gastronomic experience, with comfort, and with a simple click.”, guarantees a company's official source.

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