oworking spaces are increasingly original. They are more and more creative and inspiring, differentiating themselves in the market with truly disruptive and out-of-the-box proposals. And, above all, after months of working from home, they emerge as a very attractive “third space” of work.

Many employees seem to be keen on this option: 79% would like to occasionally work in a “third space”, different from their home and office. In addition, more than half of professionals would even be willing to pay up to around €80 per month to work in a cafe, bar, hotel or retailer with its own space for this purpose, the study “Covid-19 consumer Research”, prepared by Accenture, reveals.

Coverflex analysed a series of rankings of the best coworking spaces in the world, with the most unusual perks and a double dose of creativity. These are the seven spaces, in no order of preference, that you have to try. At least once in your life you must try working from these places!

1. NapLab (Bangkok, Thailand)

Who hasn't felt that drowsiness after lunch? Or some tiredness between performing one task and another? There are studies that prove that taking a break is all we need to reinvigorate our energy and recover from tasks with greater concentration and motivation. NapLab thinks it's important to take breaks and its space invites you to take them, namely to take a short nap. In addition to offices, meeting rooms and individual workstations, this coworking space has two floors equipped with bunk beds for you to power nap and then go back to work with more energy.

2. My Office (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Located in Barra da Tijuca, My Office is a mix of private spaces and open spaces. There are the more traditional meeting rooms and rooms where the whole team can get together, but also small private offices, with individual tables arranged on different levels. Imagine a huge wall with built-in compartments or cubes – which are actually small offices – distributed at various heights. The coworking space also has a room for exercising, free parking and extended hours: it is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

3. One Roof Women (Melbourne, Australia) 

We fly to Australia to highlight One Roof Women, in Melbourne. This space has a particularity: it is dedicated to all women who are, in some way, creating a positive impact in the world. It started with a pop-up at an Airbnb mansion in St. Kilda, with the aim of empowering women with the tools and skills needed to lead successful businesses - and in less than a week, nearly 500 people walked through this innovation hub's door. The good results led Sheree Rubinstein and Gianna Wurzl, the founders of One Roof Women, to make this space what it is today, a global brand and a women's community with a positive impact.

4. Village Underground (Lisbon, Portugal) 

From Australia to Europe, we arrive in Portugal, where you can find one of the most incredible coworking spaces in the world: Village Underground, located in Lisbon, the capital, and designed to stimulate the creativity of professionals. Installed in shipping containers and old buses, and with a very modern and urban architecture, this space has shared offices that adapt to the needs and dreams of residents. They are work areas, workshops, labs or stores that each one shapes according to their goals. There is also a recording studio, a restaurant, and spaces for workshops, parties and exhibitions, which take place regularly in the village and to which residents have direct access.

5. Hubud (Bali, Indonesia) 

Have you ever imagined yourself working and seeing a rice field and a volcano through the front window? This is the landscape of Hubud, located in Bali (Indonesia) and considered one of the most incredible coworking spaces in the world. In addition to being known for the beautiful landscapes, this space is built with bamboo and recycled wood, which makes the environment even more pleasant and welcoming. It is possible to work sitting on the floor, together with other professionals, or with your feet in the water. And the coffee you drink is produced locally. But there's more: not only can humans enter Hubud, having monkeys visiting is very common in this space.

6. Urban Station (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

If you are thinking of including Argentina in your remote worker itinerary, we advise you to make Urban Station, in Buenos Aires, your office for a few days. It is a large space with a very clean and sophisticated decoration, which promotes creativity and productivity. But there is much more than pleasant tables where you can work: take advantage of the building's terrace for a drink or book a session in the Urban Station cinema room and choose a different break. The Microcine, as this room is called, is fully equipped with the latest technology, ideal for film projections.

7. Impact Hub (Madrid, Spain) 

In Portugal's neighbouring country, Impact Hub, located in the Spanish capital, invites you to generate a positive impact and share your “home” with other professionals who work with the same purpose. Located in the city centre, close to Parque del Retiro, this space is housed in an old garage. One of the features that makes this coworking space so pleasant is the huge skylight in the ceiling, capable of illuminating the entire space, without the need to use electric light during the day. When it comes to decoration, all the furniture is recovered, showing that it is possible to give a second (or third) life to any product.