t’s been impossible to stay indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine (and beyond) to millions of people, in a reality that is so close to ours. We knew that there was something we could do, within our limited possibilities, to help — and so, we decided to do it.

Thinking about the impact that over 30 thousand Coverflexers could have on this humanitarian crisis, we developed a new benefit category for every employee with Coverflex Wallet: Donations

We’ve wanted to include this in our benefit offer since we first started Coverflex, and even had it on our roadmap for 2022. But the times call for urgent measures, so we moved it up and decided to ship it ASAP. 

It was such a passion project that the whole team banded together to pull this off in literally 4 days. Product brought it up on a Monday morning and the benefit was developed and ready to ship by Thursday. 

What is it? 

This benefit makes it easier to give financial support to public or private entities that are mentioned in the Portuguese tax benefits by-law (EBF - Estatuto de Benefícios Fiscais).To be considered as part of this by-law, these entities must develop work mainly within the social, cultural, environmental or educational fields.

How does it work?

On the benefits page within the Coverflex app, employees will find a new category called “Donations”. This new benefit will allow them to select an entity and decide how much they want to donate, which will trigger a bank transfer to the selected entity. The donation will be done in the name of the company and the value is exempt from Personal Income Tax and Social Security.

In a straightforward, quick and simple way, any Coverflexer can make a difference. 

The Cause

We have decided to go live with this project with only five entities available for donations, because this is a pressing matter and it will take us some time to develop a larger network of entities. We have chosen these specific ones because they work in Portugal and are supporting efforts to aid with the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

But we’re not going to leave it at that: we want to develop this benefit so that it is a permanent part of our benefit offer and so that it can be a way to support a myriad other entities and causes. 

To make this first moment more significant and impactful, every Coverflexer’s donation will be doubled: up to a €10.000 cap, Coverflex has pledged to match our users’ donations with a donation of our own. 

In one week since we launched this new benefit, we’ve come quite close to our target (over €7K raised thanks to your generosity! 💙 💛) but we want to challenge everyone to get this number even higher. If you’ve already donated through Coverflex: thank you so much! If you haven’t yet: let’s make a difference together.

We know that nothing can make up in the slightest for the uncountable loss that this war is bringing upon the world, but we had to find a way to help those who are being directly affected by the events of the last few weeks.

We want this commitment to contribute towards a better world to be an integral part of how we work as a company and of who we are. 

Thanks for being part of this community! Thanks for standing with us in solidarity with those who have been affected by these terrible events and for being part of the efforts for peace.