op-padel's history began at Top-padel Fluvial, with three paddle courts and an individual court - the only one in Portugal. The first club to invest in the paddle adventure in the north of the country has been dedicated to the promotion and management of sports activities linked to this sport since 2013, and now has six clubs in the same area.

Today, Top-padel is a reference in this field, in Portugal, with several club-of-the-year awards and with national champions in various categories over the years. It offers rental of fields, sale of paddle equipment, organisation of events and top academy/classes service. In addition, it also has special conditions for companies and specific services such as team building, tournaments, and classes for employees.

Besides the special conditions for companies, employees who use the Coverflex platform can have even more perks. The partnership with Coverflex is, in the words of Diogo Fleming, Brand Manager at Top-Padel, "a successful partnership that has resulted quite well between the two entities. Coverflex offers a product that allows companies to make compensation offers to company employees and allows Top-padel to reach more and more customers, offering them a different solution that is beneficial to Coverflex card users".

If you use Coverflex, just show your card to enjoy a discount of up to 20% on rentals until 5pm, Monday to Friday, and a 10% discount on monthly fees. Furthermore, as this expense falls under the Gym and Fitness benefit, you are also exempt from Social Security.