ber Eats, McDonald's, and Glovo. When it comes to restaurants and online food delivery platforms, these are the top three where Coverflexers most use the Coverflex meal card in Portugal. In them alone, more than 2.5 million euros have already been spent using this pre-paid card. The online food delivery platforms already represent more than 10% of food purchases through Coverflex

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Uber Eats is clearly leading this ranking, accounting for around 7% of the total choices, and a total of €1.4 million through more than 75,000 transactions. It is followed by McDonald's, Glovo, Burger King and Bolt. The top 9 is completed with Celeiro, Ikea, Vitaminas, and Portugália.

Top 9 restaurants in Portugal where Coverflex's meal card is most used

1. Uber Eats 

2. McDonald’s 

3. Glovo 

4. Burger King 

5. Bolt 

6. Celeiro 

7. Ikea 

8. Vitaminas 

9. Portugália

In what comes to online platforms only, more than half (54%) of the usage of meal allowance fall on Uber Eats. The competing platform Glovo follows on the list, with about 16% of the choices, and the third place on the podium belongs to Continente (15%). Bolt (12%) also stands out, as does Eat Tasty (1%), although it is less represented. 

Top 5 online platforms in Portugal where Coverflex's meal card is most usede

1. Uber Eats 

2. Glovo 

3. Continente 

4. Bolt 

5. Eat Tasty

Coverflex offers companies and employees the option to compensate food expenses in the work context, through the meal card solution. This is a pre-paid VISA card to which the company can transfer the meal allowance every month and which the employee can manage, all in a 100% digital way. This is a more advantageous alternative to receiving the meal allowance together with the salary, which maximum limit of exemption from personal income tax and Social Security is substantially lower (€6.00, against €9.60 in meal card).

With meal cards, and as with debit cards, payments may be made by entering the PIN code or, if the card has the contactless functionality, such as the Coverflex card, by approaching the terminal.

However, contrary to debit cards, it is not possible to withdraw money from the meal card, since it is considered a social benefit, and can only be used to make purchases or payments in services which Economic Activity Code (CAE) is somehow related to food.

What about you? Where else do you spend the balance of your meal card?