Sofarma Group is a family endeavour, with roots in the North of Portugal, which has been operating in the pharmaceutical sector for over 30 years. It currently has seven pharmacies and a parapharmacy in five locations - Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Matosinhos, Braga and Penafiel - and will soon have an online store.

In recent years, the Sofarma Group has created and developed its own brand of products, intending to present customers with a quality offer, attractive prices and special benefits. Sofarma products essentially comprise dressings, adhesives, aesthetic cutlery, moisturising products, lip balms and a hand cream.

The mission of the Sofarma Group is to satisfy the needs of its patients in what comes to health. The pharmaceutical group seeks daily to create better and more conditions in their pharmacies to properly receive customers. It was also with this goal in mind that the Sofarma Group joined forces with Coverflex. "Working in partnership is putting together what people or companies have and can share to reach the desired result, better and faster than if they would do it alone. If people, companies, and organisations work together towards a common goal, they will be more successful than they would be if they did it it alone. Together, people can do more and better because they have more ideas, more strength, more resources and more chances of reaching the desired goals", says Filipe Silva, Partnership Manager at the Sofarma Group.

If you use Coverflex, you can enjoy a 15% discount in all Sofarma Group pharmacies. Just go to the discounts section of your app and follow the steps! In addition, as this expense falls under the Health and Well-being benefit, you are also exempt from Social Security tax.