arkets have been around since people became involved in commerce. It is believed that the first markets in the world originated in Persia, before Christ, and that they were later spread to the rest of the Middle East and Europe. Specific secluded zones had the ideal conditions for the emergence of bazaars: passageways flanked by spaces with product showcases, and a roof to protect traders and buyers from the strong sun. Simultaneously with its growth across Europe, informal and unregulated markets gradually gave way to a more formal system. The increased regulation of market practices has brought consumers great confidence in product quality and fair prices.

Worldwide, markets have evolved in different ways, depending on local environmental conditions, especially climate, tradition, and culture. If there is a certainty, it is that the world, in general, has been impacted by digital development and the markets have been following this trend: like them, customers are now more global than ever.

The marketplace models, which convert the dynamics of traditional markets into an online format, have revolutionised the way people shop: the solution has brought convenience and has enabled consumers to access and buy a greater variety of products in one single place.

Dott is proud to be the first Portuguese marketplace and is led by principles of variety, convenience, and close communication. The company seeks to help Portuguese projects in the digitalisation process and bring to the market the brands that people prefer and trust, in a logic of convenience ranging from the choice of payment to the place and time of delivery, which are adapted to each client.

With the partnership between Dott and Coverflex, we facilitate the purchase of more than 120 thousand products: directly from the 100% Portuguese digital platform, they are the ones who come to you wherever you are. Moreover, you can count on a 5% discount on purchases of items with a value between 20€ and 500€, and a 10% discount on health and beauty articles!