Neuro” for “neuroscience” and “Gime” for “mental gym”: in November 2018, a space was created where it became possible to hear and be heard, feel and be felt. NeuroGime was born, which now brings professionals, patients and family members together around a table with a single goal: to improve the quality of life of those who seek this “mental gym”, with an inevitable focus on rehabilitation but also with a say in prevention.

NeuroGime started out as a neurorehabilitation clinic, with the primary objective of providing an innovative response in assessment and rehabilitation in neurological conditions that are more typical of advanced ages, but quickly expanded its spectrum of intervention. NeuroGime Pediatric has the objective of responding to the psychological, neurological and neuropsychological monitoring of children and adolescents and their families, and NeuroGime Clinical Psychology pays special attention to the prevalence of psychopathology and emotional disorders (and the growth of requests for help in this area), both through consultations and initiatives - workshops, consultations and mental health screenings - in several companies.

The NeuroGime team is multidisciplinary and highly qualified in many areas, from nutrition to music therapy, psychiatry and, of course, neurology, among others, and uses innovative technology, such as neuro feedback and virtual reality. The starting point in this “mental gym” is always an informal environment among employees, through close ties that blur protocols and hierarchies, making this a comfortable space where people can feel welcomed and have their needs answered, with professionalism, rigor and care.

As people who work for people, NeuroGime tries to respond to the needs of each one of them, not only through the work they do on a daily basis but also facilitating access whenever possible. This is how the partnership with Coverflex arises, which aims to give everyone who uses the Coverflex platform the possibility of obtaining a discount on consultations at the clinic. “The partnership with Coverflex is the one that has the most expressive percentage among all our partnerships, which are normally 10% and not 15%, as in the case of Coverflex.”, says Marta Parreira, Founder & Manager at NeuroGime.