ou use Coverflex on a daily basis but are still not fully familiar with the benefits you have access to, how you can use them and what you get out of them?

With this article, we intend to help you and answer the following questions:

  • Which flexible benefits are available to me?
  • How can I use flexible benefits and cover expenses with them?
  • How much do I save by having access to benefits?

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Which flexible benefits are available to me?

From health and well-being to professional training, savings solutions, technology and transport, there are several categories of flexible benefits that you can have access to. 

At Coverflex, there are over 10 available flexible benefit categories:

  • Coverflex Childcare - Do you have children up to the age of 7 (exclusive) in your care? With this benefit, you can pay for the day care centre or kindergarten by means of childcare vouchers. 
  • Education expenses - School and university fees, school materials and technical books, for you or your family, can be paid by your company through this benefit. 
  • Health and Well-being - Includes expenses in clinics and hospitals, pharmacies and parapharmacies, complementary therapies and health apps. 
  • Gym & Fitness - The monthly gym or sports club/your personal trainer fees are examples of how you can use this benefit.  
  • Senior expenses - Do you have expenses with day centres, nursing homes or social care centres? This category allows you to pay for them with your benefit balance.
  • Retirement & Investment - Ensure a more peaceful future for you and your family with a Retirement Savings Plan (PPR).
  • Public transportation - Do you use a monthly travel card? This expense may be reimbursed to you by your employer. 
  • Professional training - Do you want or are you attending a course relevant to your job? Your company can reimburse you! 
  • Technology - Do you need a better headset or some new equipment? You can buy technology with your benefits balance, namely through the Coverflex app, which also gives you access to several discounts!
  • Parking - If you drive to work and need to pay for parking, this category is for you!
  • Health Insurance- Your company might already offer you health insurance. How about your family - are they already insured? You can use this benefit to add close family members to your health insurance. Your company can also transfer the current insurance policy to Coverflex, allowing you and your company to manage it in a super easy and fully digital way.
  • Donations - Do you want to support a public or private entity? You can also do this with your benefit balance, directly from the Coverflex app. 

Your company decides which benefits you and your colleagues have access to. Since it's a flexible benefits balance, you choose in which categories you want to use your balance at any time, from those available in your profile - no need to pre-select them!

How can I use and pay with flexible benefits?

Unlike salary, the flexible benefits balance is not transferred to your bank account. It is a "virtual" balance, the amount and movements of which you can consult at any time in the Coverflex mobile app. ‍

When you want to use your benefit balance to pay for products or services from the above categories, you have three possibilities:

Pay with the Coverflex app

There are several cases in which you can make the purchase directly from the app. This is the case with the following categories:

  • Donations
  • Retirement & Investment, in the case of Coverflex's PPR;
  • Technology, which is a category where you also have access to several discounts;
  • Education expenses;
  • Coverflex Childcare (you can select the school and issue childcare vouchers);
  • Adding a close family member to the health insurance.

Pay with the Coverflex card

The Coverflex card is a VISA card with contactless technology. You can use it online or at any terminal in the VISA network, to pay for expenses that fall under the categories of the benefits available and that do not require approval, such as:

  • Education expenses;
  • Health and Well-being;
  • Gym & Fitness.

You can also add your card to Google Pay and Apple Pay, so you can make purchases without using your physical card.

Ask for reimbursement

Some benefit categories require approval from your employer as well as an invoice issued in the name of the company. For the expense to be verified, payment must be made by another means (cash or your bank card, for example) and the invoice must be submitted in the app. Once the company approves the reimbursement, you will receive it within a maximum of two working days.

You can claim back purchases from the following benefit categories:

  • Retirement & Investment, if you subscribe to a PPR that is not available on the Coverflex app;
  • Technology, if you do not purchase through the app;
  • Public transportation;
  • Professional training
  • Education expenses;
  • Health and Well-being;
  • Gym & Fitness.