f the concept that Emma brought us at the beginning - a unique and innovative mattress model - was disruptive and helped to expand the business, the brand kicked off 2022 with a change in its focus: awakening the potential of each individual to face everyone's day-to-day challenges. More than a quality night's sleep, Emma becomes the starting point for a great day.

This transformation starts with a global redefinition of its message – “Awaken your best” – which reflects the new vision of how a good night's sleep helps people become the best version of themselves. “With Emma, ​​we want to be a part of both the sleeping and waking world and continue to pursue our overarching mission to make a positive impact on people's lives. We were focused on the night; now we are focused on night and day,” says Dennis Schmoltzi, co-founder and CEO of Emma – The Sleep Company.

Emma's research and development team, that has more than 30 professionals trained in various fields, from neuroscience and psychology to data science, works daily to bring Emma's new mission to life. Dr. Verena Senn, neuroscientist and sleep specialist at Emma - The Sleep Company, sees in this new image an opportunity: “good sleep habits can wake us up, make our day more joyful, productive and full. This is already supported by science and is not new for us, it is something we celebrate and dedicate ourselves to at Emma. From my point of view, as a sleep specialist, I believe this new placement will help us to further increase knowledge and awareness of the importance of sleep for our health and well-being”.

At Emma you have 100 nights to try out your mattress - because, says the brand, we need time to assess whether a mattress is the ideal mattress for us. There is a readaptation curve, so it is necessary to test the mattress in our environment and reintroduce the body to a new sleeping posture and a new feeling of comfort. Only then do we begin to notice the improvements in our nights of sleep and to say with certainty that it is the right mattress for us.

At Coverflex we also believe that a good night’s sleep is key to our physical and mental health: if you use Coverflex, go to your app and enjoy 5% off beds, mattresses and pillows at Emma - The Sleep Company. “We are delighted to partner with Coverflex. Emma is a very young company with a very international environment, and we also know the importance of an optimised platform that allows us to manage our daily expenses and savings in an intelligent and efficient way”, says Patrícia Remacha Castillo, Marketing Lead for the Portugal Team at Emma - The Sleep Company. “Emma's DNA is about making rational decisions and being flexible and agile in our decision-making process, so it makes perfect sense to partner with Coverflex and the benefits it brings to the community”. And this month, the offers don't stop there: from November 11th, in the context of Black Friday, you can find discounts of up to 60% on Emma's website.