From social media ads to search engine results and sponsored blog posts, digital marketing is more present in your daily life than you might think. And whether you are a small business owner, considering a career change or simply wanting to learn new skills, understanding and learning more about digital marketing can be a great addition to your career or business.

There are many learning opportunities, starting with online, free and introductory courses to more intensive certified training programs, in platforms such as Coursera, edX and Google Atelier Digital, or schools such as Edit or Flag. A certificate can be important evidence that you have a good grasp of the main concepts of digital marketing. You can add this qualification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Based on the list prepared by Business Insider, along with other recommendations from Portuguese entities, Coverflex created the Top 10 of digital marketing trainings that promise to help you taking your professional path to the next level. Half of them are online courses and the other half are programs that include a certificate.

Online courses

1. Introduction to Marketing, at edX 

Designed for marketing beginners, but also for anyone – even from other industries – interested in developing a better understanding of this area, as well as the strategies and techniques used, this course at the University of British Columbia promises to introduce students to a range of relevant topics in the area, including market research, ways to acquire customers and strategies to boost the use of social networks.

2. Digital Marketing Foundations, at LinkedIn Learning 

This short training, provided by LinkedIn Learning and divided into several classes plus covering different topics, will teach you how to optimise a website, as well as SEO best practices, how to take advantage of digital ads and also use them, and some principles on the relationship with the digital media - all of this to achieve your business goals.

3. The Complete Digital Marketing Course, at Udemy 

Whether you are considering a new career, want to expand your professional skills or even launch your business, this intensive and immersive course promises to help you. The topics covered range from market research to Google Adwords and using WordPress for copywriting. It is one of the most complete courses in the area.

4. Digital Marketing - The Complete Google Ads Masterclass, at Skillshare 

Focused on creating ads on Google, this training aims to teach participants how to use paid ads as a way to increase traffic on a given website, convert target audiences into customers, analyse and measure advertising campaigns and much more.

5. The Strategy of Content Marketing, at Coursera 

This course from University of California aims to show the enormous potential of content creation, not only in attracting new customers, but also in creating a measurable strategy and increasing the engagement of customers and potential customers.

Certified training

6. Digital Marketing & Strategy, at Edit 

Intended for communication, marketing or management professionals, it is expected that, during this course, search & analytics tools, email marketing and social media methodologies, as well as knowledge and mastery of campaign creation techniques, will be approached. After completing the course, the digital marketing strategist must have an analytical mind and be ready to react to the observation of data coming from different sources.

7. Digital Marketing Academy, at Flag 

Flag Academy aims to prepare professionals specialised in digital marketing, with or without previous training. As this is a course limited to just 12 participants - who will be accepted after an admission interview - and taught by a team of renowned trainers in the various areas of activity, topics such as marketing and digital marketing fundamentals, image editing with the Adobe Photoshop, website creation with WordPress, social media and other relevant topics in the digital world will be covered.

8. Digital Marketing Principles, at Google Digital Atelier

The certificate in Digital Marketing Principles aims to improve users' digital skills. Everyone can benefit from the knowledge acquired during the course, both personally and professionally. In total, you will have to complete 26 modules with topics as broad as “Build your web presence” or “Deepen your knowledge of social networks”. Finally, after successfully completing a 40-question test, you will be able to obtain your IAB-accredited certificate. This course – that you can complete either online or in person – is completely free.

9. Facebook Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate, at Coursera 

No prior experience is required to start this certification program, which aims to teach students how to collect, organise and analyse data, as well as test the effectiveness of different advertising strategies. In addition, trainees will also learn to use Facebook Ads Manager during the course, which is 100% online, with a flexible schedule and taught in English.

10. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate, at edX 

If you are curious to learn the vocabulary, concepts and strategies used by companies to fully reach their customers and potential customers, this program from the University of Edinburgh, available through the edX platform, will explain everything you need to know before creating your own marketing strategy and plan. Also taught in English, the course lasts four months.