overflex is, for the third time in a row, on the annual list of “Wired's 100 Hottest Startups in Europe”. This recognition highlights the innovation of our solution, but also our startup's mission and commitment to transforming the way companies approach employee compensation.

Annually, the British version of the North American publication compiles a list of startups generating buzz across the European continent. Wired’s selection of these companies is a dual process involving local research by the publication and conversations with individuals immersed in various ecosystems. The magazine aims to grasp their perspectives on the local landscape, emphasising a comprehensive understanding of the regional reality.

“We were on Wired magazine’s list in 2021, just seven months after we entered the market, which was a validation of our product’s enormous potential. The fact that we have been on this list every year since then, reinforces our certainty that we are on the right path to bring about a revolution to the way compensation is understood, offered, managed and spent”, emphasises Miguel Santo Amaro, co-founder and CEO of Coverflex.

Coverflex entered the Portuguese market in 2021 and expanded to the Italian one in 2023. Currently over 5,000 companies use Coverflex, which means over 100,000 employees manage their benefits, meal allowance, health and life insurance, and exclusive discounts on our platform. For companies, Coverflex is a way of giving employees more options and value, improving their quality of life and the company’s results. For employees, it’s an opportunity to have access to a personalised compensation package, which each person can enjoy in their own way, in one easy-to-use product.‍