f all brands have a story, ours starts with our mission. Coverflex exists to accompany the profound changes in the way we live and work, providing a personalisation factor that goes along the necessary freedom of movement, consumption and management for each person.

As a brand and as a mission, Coverflex brings a new reality to the way we work and live. We are the dawn for this new world, more flexible and adaptable to enable a better quality of life. We speak of “life” and “living” because our work is part of our lives and clearly has an impact on how we live every day.


Our logo represents this new dawn. From shapes to colours, all elements adapt to different scenarios and routines. We can work in a single location or in several, indoors or outdoors - or both - at a specific time or in a flexible way. It is this idea of ​​transformation that the brand will seek at the beginning and at the end of the day.

Among all the representations of our brand, the Coverflex card plays a very important role. It is what reflects Coverflex in the lives of its users, it is what allows us, as we are a mostly digital company, to be in the daily lives of all Coverflexers. Thus, the card serves not only as a tool to access a vast list of social benefits and discounts, but also as a materialisation of everything that the brand represents.

The card inherits the colour of sunrise and sunset, orange/red, which rises and sets with you, representing the flexibility of working hours, of space, and the permanent change in which we all are. Always.

The card's horizontal and vertical orientation replicates the different types of windows, a metaphor for the flexibility of work spaces between the office, home, an airplane or wherever you want. And in a clear allusion to the world, and to what we see from all the windows we know: it is through them that we discover what surrounds us.

At the end of the day, our intention was to create an extension of this "new world vision" and this new reality that we are all adapting to, understanding that this flexibility not only is beneficial for everyone but also enhances the motivation and experience of each element of the team.

Being adaptable and flexible are the two fundamental principles of the brand. And this card reflects them too.