eturning to work after a vacation can be tricky. It can translate into moments of greater stress, anxiety, pressure and sometimes some sadness. However, going back to the work routine does not have to be painful. On the contrary, it should be light and peaceful, since the holidays are meant to rest and recharge.

To keep you motivated, we have gathered 19 apps that we like to use. From apps that allow you to listen to music and relaxing sounds to those that help you plan your next getaway, there are countless apps that help make getting back to work easier.

Listen to music and relaxing sounds

To help you relax and forget about how stressful work can be, Rainy Mood and Relax Night play calming sounds, like the sound of rain or crickets in a field.

If you prefer to listen to your favourite music album, the apps Spotify, Napster, TIDAL or the latest Apple Music have the right soundtrack for you. But if popping bubble wrap is the only way to calm down, you can always use Bubble Wrap and pop bubbles whenever you want.

Plan your next break

Some say that the secret to a happy return to work is to start planning the next break, whether it's a long weekend in the countryside, going to a concert or doing a longer vacation. For that, apps Airbnb, Hostelworld or Booking can help you spend a few days away from work. To help you pack, you can download Packing Pro.

To keep up with all the activities and events in each of the cities you visit, you can use Fever

Create a workout routine

Another idea that we leave you with is to create a workout routine, one of the most effective cures for stress. You will be contributing to your physical and mental health, which will positively influence your mood at work as well.

If you like to run, we suggest that you use Runtastic, a fitness app that, among other features, allows you to measure distance covered, exercise time and the number of calories burned. At the end of each session, Sworkit offers several stretches and explains how each one should be done. In addition, there are also specific sessions to improve flexibility, as well as pilates.

If you prefer yoga, try Pocket Yoga, which offers complete classes. During the classes you can hear a soft voice guiding the exercises. Beginners can also access a pose dictionary. The best thing about this app is that you don't need to have an internet connection to be able to use it.

Invest on your mental health 

To help you manage anxiety – and avoid panic attacks – Rootd, Calm and Headspace are excellent options for doing breathing exercises and starting meditation. ‍

Launched more recently by the José Neves Foundation, 29K argues that the lack of meaning in life can cause anxiety, loneliness and a feeling of alienation from reality. Therefore, in addition to the meditation sessions it offers, the app has exercises and personal development courses, in video format, guided by ambassadors and scientifically validated, covering topics that range from mental health to personal relationships.