ou probably already use your Coverflex meal card at restaurants and supermarkets within the VISA networks - but did you know you can also use it on online delivery platforms?

In this article, we present five apps where you can use your Coverflex card to order meals.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the preferred platform for Coverflex card users, representing more than half (54%) of the meal allowance uses on delivery apps through our platform. It's no wonder, given its extensive catalog of restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that reach over 100 Portuguese cities.


In this ranking of Coverflex meal card beneficiaries using it to order meals, Glovo follows with more than 48 thousand registered transactions. From local restaurants to international chains, from sushi to burgers, including supermarkets like Continente, Pingo Doce, and Minipreço, everything is conveniently available on your phone.

Bolt Food

Another alternative in the range of meal delivery apps is Bolt Food. Present in Portugal since October 2020, it has been expanding to more and more Portuguese territories, offering a growing list of partner establishments. Additionally, it allows you to order grocery products through its Bolt Market.


If you live and work in the Greater Lisbon area, you can also use your Coverflex card to order lunch and dinne from Monday to Friday through EatTasty. At EatTasty, you'll find different menus every day, consisting of meat, fish, vegetarian, or vegan options, along with beverages and desserts, all without delivery fees. In addition to serving as your payment method, the Coverflex card also provides discounts on this app.


They used to be Zomato. Now they are DIG-IN. It started as a platform to discover restaurants, make reservations, and check information, menus, photos, and user reviews. Today, it also offers a food delivery service. You'll be pleased to know that with the Coverflex card, you get a 50% discount on all DIG-IN PRO plans.

Since the Coverflex meal card is a VISA card like any other VISA card regarding payments, to use it on these apps you just need to link it to your account on Uber Eats, Glovo, Bolt Food, EatTasty, DIG-IN, and/or another food delivery app. This way, without having to move, you can enjoy a meal or groceries delivered to the comfort of your home, workplace, or wherever you are.

In your next meal, you can rely on your Coverflex card for quick and easy deliveries!