o you want to improve your management skills? Maybe invest in a course, online or in person, that helps you in career development and progression? From free online mini-courses to university education and from Team Management to Project Management, including Business Management, there is no shortage of options to consider and in which to invest your time.

Coverflex has created a list of 10 courses, in different schools and with different learning methods, that promise to improve your management skills. You just have to analyse which one is most suitable for you and start learning.

1. Hybrid Project Management

If you are aware of the increasingly hybrid reality experienced in companies and you want to prepare yourself in advance, learning more about good management practices in hybrid projects, namely the speedometer, definition and prioritisation of requirements, effective communication and constant releases, this is the course for you.

Cegoc's training (online and face-to-face) - aimed at project managers, project leaders and project team members who want to understand and apply the best of each of the approaches to increase the probability of success of their projects - promises that, at the end of the course, participants will be able to know the main features, benefits and limitations of waterfall and agile approaches; learn to use good practices from both approaches; and create hybrid project management models.

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2. Risk and Change Management

‍Ideal for those who want to boost their careers and invest in continuous training, the Coursera platform has a huge variety of courses on the most different topics. In the area of management, the options range from Risk and Change Management to Product Management, including Business Management.

All classes are virtual and taught by universities around the world, and can be taught in several languages. The vast majority of training is free, and if the student wants to obtain the certificate of completion of the course, it is necessary to pay an issuance fee.

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3. Project management

LinkedIn has almost a hundred courses available in Portuguese and free of charge through the LinkedIn Learning platform. The courses cover several areas, including Project Management and Sales Management, and were designed for the professionals of the future. This initiative is the result of the union between LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft, and aims to provide new free ways of learning.

There is also a list of courses in English aimed at the ten jobs with the highest number of vacancies published on LinkedIn, in 2020, in constant growth in the last four years, with above-average salary and that require skills that can be learned online. In the management field, the project manager course stands out.

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4. Brand Management

Moving to an area that's more related to marketing and communication, taught by Vantagem +, the Brand Management course aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and successfully manage the brands for which they are responsible. Thus, the main target are marketing directors and managers, brand managers, external and internal communication managers, product and market managers and marketing officers.

To efficiently manage the brand in the current competitive context; to transfer brand management from a short-term profit perspective to a long-term value creation perspective; to measure, manage and develop the intangible pillars of the brand; and to value how the customer/consumer perceives the brand and what influence this has on their final choice are some of the contents included in the program.

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5. Emotional management

Moving more into the area of personal development, managing emotions is one of the first steps towards a more balanced life. Opening doors to the development of self-knowledge practices and boosting interpersonal relationships, the Emotional Management course teaches participants to circumvent the less positive situations that occur in their daily lives and to know how to take advantage of them.

With this training, which has a module dedicated to emotional intelligence, Udemy promises to help you achieve your desires, both professionally and personally.

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6. Team Leadership and Performance

Talking about management without talking about team leadership and performance is almost impossible. And while leading we also learn (or improve), especially in difficult and uncertain times, in which a good leader can make all the difference. Flag's Leadership and Team Performance course is a highly experiential leadership development program that will allow you to explore and define your identity as a leader, leveraging the effectiveness of your leadership style and allowing you to develop more inspiration, confidence and autonomy in the dynamics of your team.

At the end of the training you will have a clear vision on how to mobilise your team to achieve a common goal, through authentic and effective leadership, and you will be equipped with several fundamental tools.

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7. People management

In the area of People Management, we advise you to visit the Edx education platform. Created by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it offers free undergraduate courses in 71 areas of knowledge, including People Management. If you want to be a better leader, be attentive to your team's needs, help each member to develop or if it's your first time taking on such responsibility, this is the right course for you. You will learn to improve your weaknesses and your leadership, to give feedback and to motivate others.

The platform offers paid courses, but there are also some free ones. When it comes to faculty, you can expect to take classes with faculty from Harvard, MIT, Berkely, Georgia Tech, Columbia University, Oxford, among others.

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8. Creative entrepreneurs

Do you have a company or a business idea to start? This course, taught by Hello!Creatividad, invites you to take a step back, and then move forward with more certainty and the possibility of succeeding. In this training, which lasts for four weeks, you will learn to outline a business strategy that allows you to achieve the goals you set yourself.

Mar Ramos, co-founder of the Spanish training school, will help you to analyse your business idea and reformulate your business goals. In addition, together you will define more efficient processes, as well as marketing actions that aim to sell more and better.

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9. Master's in Management

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a way to continue your academic career and obtain a master's degree, we advise you to get to know Nova SBE's training offer, which, in the most recent ranking of the 100 best management schools in the world, by the Financial Times, is the best ranked Portuguese one.

‍Among the indicators evaluated, Nova SBE, which occupies the 23rd place, stands out as the Portuguese school whose students, within a period of three years, reach the highest salary level. Also in terms of international mobility, the Portuguese school gains an advantage over most of the schools evaluated, positioning itself as the 14th best in the world in this indicator, which takes into account the career opportunities in international markets that business schools provide to their students.

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10. Sustainable management

If, more than a master's degree, you are looking for a training program at the level of an MBA, Iscte Executive Education has news for you when it comes to responsible management. In April, the MBA in Sustainable Management is scheduled to begin, and it's the first one in Portugal.

The course lasts for 15 months and classes will have between 20 and 30 students, both national and international ones. It will be taught in English and is intended for those who already work in the area of sustainability and want to learn new methods, but also for people who, not necessarily working in this area, recognise the need for more responsible management and who want to prepare themselves accordingly beforehand.

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