hy did Cristiano Ronaldo get so many titles? How does he still manage to have this attitude and this performance? What makes this player different from the other players? What is the secret behind his worldwide success?

Ronaldo undoubtedly spends hours training, has an exemplary routine, strict diet and rigid sleep discipline. The dedication and commitment that he invests in each decision is one of the reasons that put him in the position he is in.

The combination of skill and mental strength is what makes people successful. Our brain can be our best ally, but it can also be our worst enemy.

Any of us, as long as we exercise our brain enough, can achieve the goals we set for ourselves. These four mental exercises can help your brain reach its peak performance:

  1. “I am here to win”

Researchers at the English Institute of Sport have found out that a simple change in the way we think about our performance can make a big difference in the outcome. If, for example, we start giving a presentation thinking "I hope I don't lose," we will perform worse than if we think "I'm here to win".

A small change in our thought process, in our mindset, can increase our chance of success. So take a deep breath and say to yourself: “I will make it”.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Studies show that mindfulness changes the way the brain perceives and responds to stress. Having control over our thoughts and emotions helps us to respond to difficult situations with lower levels of anxiety.

Therefore, by increasing our awareness of the present moment, of what is happening around us, we will have a great competitive advantage, especially nowadays.

  1. Visualise sucess

Mental imagery has a powerful effect on the way our bodies behave. Studies show that regardless of your skill level, visualising every movement at every step of the process will help you perform the task at peak performance.

  1. Talk to yourself in a positive way

Some studies prove that talking to you using your first name reduces anxiety and helps you make better decisions. That is, instead of saying, "I can do this," start the sentence with your name. “[Name], I can do this.” As strange as it may seem, it can help you regulate your emotions so that you can focus your energy on the task at hand.‍‍

Mental strength is a powerful tool for our daily lives, both professionally and on a personal level. It may not seem easy at first, but with practice and dedication we can acquire this strength and become champions of our lives, just like Ronaldo.

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