roviding a simple and efficient experience to our users is one of our main focuses. We've been listening to your feedback and working on ways to make your life easier - and we're thrilled to finally introduce to you everything that is new. Let's have a look at what has changed!

All prepped and ready for larger companies!

For those of you who manage a multitude of employees, we wanted to make sure you could do it as efficiently as possible. This is why we added pagination and search on several pages, improved loading times, and reinforced the infrastructure to be more robust and properly support larger teams. Speaking of bigger teams, ours is growing as well, to ensure you always have someone available to hop in and answer your questions via chat or email.

New bright and shiny employee area

It's a new dawn for your dashboard! We've been improving it so you can have an overview of the relevant information and get with your tasks in no time. Here's what's new:

  • Keep track of the employee status

Just subscribed to Coverflex? Keep an eye on who has been invited, who has already set up their account and requested their card, among other relevant info. And if you notice one of your employees is not using Coverflex yet... Remind them to join so they can start making use of their benefits!

Off-boarding an employee? Check the stage they are at and how many days are left until the leaving date.

  • Have access to all the information you need

The details of your employees are still here, in the same place! You were missing their family details to help you validate and justify benefits that cover employees' household expenses. Now, you can find this information gathered in the same place.

  • Wallet overview per employee? You got it!

You asked - and we delivered! This is the place to find your employees' top up history, check the benefits that employees are using, and have quick access to all invoices.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, let our neat filters help you!

Approve reimbursements with your eyes shut

We've cleaned up this area so it is easier for you to review your employees' requests. We've also added here the fiscal information of your employee and their household so you don't need to search this information elsewhere when making sure that the invoice receipt is correct and good to go.

Coming soon...

Managing health and workers' compensation insurance is not the most effortless task in the world, and this is why we've been building the right tools for you. Managing your team's on-boarding and off-boarding will soon become easier!