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Savings and Retirement Plans: things to consider when filing your income tax return in Portugal

We have already talked about Savings and Retirement Plans on our blog, and about Poupança-E, the PPR that Coverflex has available for employees. There is, however, something that we still need to address, and the topic of this article: Savings and Retirement Plans in the context of taxes. Do you invest in a Savings and Retirement Plan in Portugal and want to understand how to file your income tax return? Read on to make sure you know exactly what to take into account in what comes to this matter in the moment of filing your income tax return.
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Poupança E: the Savings and Retirement Plan from Real Vida Seguros… and Coverflex

Where will I be in 30 years? Or in 40? Will I be able to retire at 66? As the years go by, people retire later and later. Our average life expectancy increases every year, as a result of advances in science. This means that the odds are we’ll live long after we stop working. How do I make sure I'll have enough money to do what I want? Do I have to keep money under my mattress? Maybe this is not necessary. There are some solutions to this problem, and Coverflex can help you with that. But we’ll get to that later.