Coverflex Fringe

Fringe benefit that can be spent online and in store

Increase staff satisfaction with 100% tax-free benefits, which can be spent, among others, for Netflix, Apple, Zalando and Amazon.

Spend your budget where you want

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Why Coverflex will be you
new favourite fringe provide

100% digital and self-service

Transparent and easy, activated
in just a few clicks

Get started today and give your employees the best solution in the market.
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one app and voucher card for everyone

Designed to your needs and  
the ones of your employees

A single card and app for meal vouchers, welfare budgets and discounts for the employee, a dashboard for the company, and a seamless experience for all.
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win-win solution for both parties

Tax savings for company
 and employee

Tax savings for the company while providing more purchasing power for satisfied and loyal employees
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A matchless experience
just a click away

for companies

Self-service and online process

Semplice e veloce da implementare, senza intermediari e burocrazia! Puoi registrare la tua azienda in totale autonomia, oppure contattare il nostro team, che sarà felice di aiutarti per l’attivazione.
4 simple steps to start using Coverflex Fringe
Create an account
Subscribe our fringe welfare service
Aggiungi i dipendenti
Ricarica il loro budget fringe
for companies and employees

Tax advantages for all

Many tax-free services for the employee and fiscally advantageous for all companies, from the smallest to the largest.
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INPS exemption
IRPEF exemption
Total company savings
IRPEF exemption
BILLY Bookshelf
New trousers
for employees

All the benefits in the palm of a hand

With Coverflex, users have access to a voucher card to freely spend their fringe budget, and an app to monitor their remaining balance and access exclusive discounts.

How can you use the Coverflex card?

Amazon package
INPS exemption
IRPEF exemption
New perfume
INPS exemption
IRPEF exemption
INPS exemption
IRPEF exemption
Coverflex Fringe
100% Digital seamless experience
Pay as you go card
Activated in a few clicks
Tax savings for company and employee
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How and where can Coverflex fringe benefits be spent?
What are the tax advantages of Coverflex Fringe?
Is it possible to assign different fringe budgets to individual employees?

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