Flexible corporate welfare
for modern companies

The all-in-one solution for corporate welfare, that allows companies to save money and employees to flexibly manage and spend their benefits.

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Quick implementation
satisfied employees

Buoni pasto 100% digitale e self-service

Transparent and easy, activated in just a few clicks

Register your company in minutes through our self-service, choose the perfect plan for you and order Coverflex Voucher Cards for your staff.
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Un'app e carta per tutti

An innovative user experience for companies and workers

One card and one app for the employee to manage and spend benefits, a transparent and easy platform for the company - and an improved experience for all.
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pagamenti in una transazione

Tax savings for company and employee

Tax savings and reduced turnover for the company. Increased purchasing power and satisfaction for the employee.
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A new way of managing benefits
digital and innovative

4 step per iniziare ad utilizzare i buoni pasto
for companies

Online self-service

Quick and easy to implement, with no intermediary! Register your company, choose which plan is right for you and set a budget. After just a few days, the Coverflex card will already be in your employee's hands, and all you'll have to do is top up the welfare budget to allow them to start taking advantage of their benefits.

Compare how much you can save

Performance bonus
Company Wefare
Company Cost
1 323€
Net to the employee
Company Cost
1 323€
Net to the employee
Company Cost
1 323€
Net to the employee
for companies and employees

Cost optimisation and fiscal savings

The most cost-effective solution for companies of any size, that want to offer an improved employee experience, while containing labor costs and rewarding performance.

The values on the image are merely average percentages, without limitations.

Esenzione INPS e esenzione IRPEF
4 step per iniziare ad utilizzare i buoni pasto
for employees

Zero vouchers, all you need is your Coverflex Voucher Card

With Coverflex, employees get to spend their benefits intuitively and easily, without the need to generate vouchers or codes. The Coverflex Voucher Card revolutionises the way corporate welfare is offered, spent, and managed!

Tap, swipe or insert as you go

Coverflex makes it as flexible as possible to spend the available budgets, according to the preferences of each individual employee. Tap, swipe or insert the Coverflex Voucher Card to purchase goods and services that meet your needs!

Trusted by over 5.000 companies and 100.000 employees

Coverflex Welfare

  • 100% digital and all-inclusive
  • Fast and easy sign-up
  • Cost effective and tax saving
  • Flexible and easy to spend


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What are Fringe benefits? How can they be used?
What are Recreational benefits? How can they be used?
Can the company decide which welfare categories to give to employees? How?
What are the tax benefits of the Coverflex welfare plan?
Where can the Coverflex Voucher Card be used?
What are the three welfare typologies present in the company dashboard?
Is it possible to assign different budgets to individual employees?