Information you need to know about making payments at automated petrol stations.  At automated petrol stations, you are able to pay for your fuel directly at the fuel pump without needing to visit the cashier station.

When you tap or insert your card at an automated fuel pump, the petrol station will submit a payment request for up to €100, or the equivalent in your local currency, before you are able to start refuelling your car.

Once you have finished refuelling, the petrol station will automatically update the final transaction amount which will be debited from your account to the actual amount you have refueled , if this is less than €100, the remaining balance of the €100 will be released back to your account for you to be able to use.

What happens if I don’t have €100 in my account?

If your account balance is below €100, for example €50, the petrol station would be advised that the maximum available to refuel your car is €50.  This means the fuel pump will automatically cut out once you have reached the maximum available amount of €50.

Where will I see this pay at pump process being used?

The pay at pump process is already live at many petrol stations and has been for some time. It's a convenient way to pay for fuel and saves time when you are in a hurry!

Help! My mobile or online statement is showing two transactions!

If you are using a mobile app to log in to your account then you may see two pending transactions, the payment request for the initial amount and then the actual amount you have been debited. The initial payment request will not leave your account and you will only be charged the actual amount displayed on the fuel pump when you finish refuelling. If this is not the case, then please contact customer services for further help and assistance.

Am I being charged to use pay at pump?

There is no charge to use pay at pump. 

Has a hold been placed on my account balance?

A hold has not been placed on any funds in your account. When you insert or tap your card at an automated fuel pump, an amount no more than €100 will be temporarily reserved from your available balance while you refuel. The maximum may be €100 but the petrol station could request a lower amount. Once you’ve finished filling your vehicle, the petrol pump will immediately update the amount you need to pay to the actual value of the petrol you’ve purchased, and your balance will be updated straight away.  This should happen in real-time. Please contact customer services if this doesn’t happen.