Compensation is more than a pay check.  
It is everything a company gives an employee in exchange for the work they do.

Traditional approaches don’t adequately reflect this or the way people work today.
We’re on a mission to change the way compensation is understood, offered, managed and spent.

Our goal is to make it better for everyone involved.

Coverflex is a compensation management solution that brings together every part of employee compensation beyond salary. Benefits, insurance, meal allowance and discounts all rolled into one product.

For companies, it’s a way to easily give people more options and value, improving employee quality of life and the company’s bottom line.
For employees, it’s the opportunity to unlock more value and create a custom compensation package that anyone can spend as they choose.
For merchants and partners it’s a convenient, commission-free and easy to implement solution.

Long-term, we’re working towards becoming the place where compensation happens and is managed by those who award and receive it.  We’re on our way to coining the term “Compensation-as-a-service”.


Principles are not the same as values.
They are specific guidelines, beliefs that ground us and won’t change over time. To be flexible and agile we need to be fully certain of who we are and what we stand for.
The first rule of Coverflex is:
Extreme employee obsession.
The second rule of Coverflex is:
Extreme employee obsession.
We begin and end with people - ours and yours. They are our main concern and who we work for. Competitors come and go, but our employees and customers will always remain.

We’re always challenging and always learning. We hold ourselves accountable first and everyone else second.

Find us at the extra-mile: above and beyond are just part of the job.

We default to transparency and openness. Integrity is non-negotiable.

Win, lose, learn, fail, improve. Each day is part of the result. We choose to be positive and enjoy the journey.
The second rule of Coverflex is:
Extreme employee obsession.
The first rule of Coverflex is:
Extreme employee obsession.


Who's making this happen
Coverflex is full of characters. We like to collect people who are outstanding at what they do (and maybe a little eccentric too). Our team is experienced in insurance, technology and building successful businesses.
Nuno Pinto
CBO & co-founder
The founder & CEO of online marketplace Kide, and insurance broker Nortal Seguros. He has more than 15 years in Insurance and a never-give-up attitude.
Miguel Santo Amaro
CEO & co-founder
Tech entrepreneur and investor, featured by Forbes 30 Under 30. Co-founded Uniplaces, one of the most disruptive Portuguese startups to date.
Rui Carvalho
COO & co-founder
Rui has 10 years of experience in management and finance, both in consulting firms and startups. His insatiable passion for disruptive tech led him to join Coverflex.
Luís Rocha
CMO & co-founder
Luís has been helping companies grow for 12 years. He is a highly data driven technical marketer with a track record of driving large marketing teams to deliver on business goals.
Tiago Fernandes
CTO & co-founder
Co-founder & CTO of Bitmaker, Tiago has been building large scale IT systems for over 20 years. Passionate about technology, he is a thinker/dreamer deeply oriented towards problem solving.
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