The Employee Wallet

The future of paying your people.

In a world demanding increasingly creative solutions for the company-employee relationship, the compensation of that same relationship and the convenience of the processes that make up our daily lives, we started thinking about our product and its infinite touchpoints with the everyday routines of both managers (bringing the company’s point of view) and the people they employ. 

That’s how the employee wallet came about within Coverflex. A simple way to pay and get paid more value 

**Meant exclusively for employees working at companies that are Coverflex clients. The only way to have access to the Coverflex App is if the company you work at invites you to join.**

Coverflex is the easiest way to enjoy benefits, meal allowance, insurance and discounts. 

Coverflex makes flexible compensation personal, easy to understand and use. Whether it’s for your company sponsored health insurance or for the whole shebang, if you’re on Coverflex, you’ve got what you need in the palm of your hand.

You’ll have one app and one card to manage and spend all your flexible compensation options. 

Have access to options that will help you maximise your earning potential and spend your budget on-the-go. Forget about yearly commitments that might be obsolete tomorrow: you don’t need to choose, just use. 

How it works:

Your company gives you access to Coverflex in one of two ways:

. To be informed of and manage your Health Insurance

. To have access to your Employee Wallet, which lets you manage a benefits budget and your meal allowance using the app and card

What’s in here for you:

. Have a quick and simple access to your insurance information and support contact at all times

. Add family members to your health insurance policy

. Create a child care voucher in minutes and independently pay for your kids’ school

. Pay for meals and groceries in loco or order online 

. Pay for Senior expenses, your gym membership, health purchases (pharmacies), training programs, and other tax exempt benefits easily

. Have access to a network of special offers you can enjoy as a Coverflex user

Next steps:

. Create your Coverflex account (sign up with work email and create a viable password)

. Download the app and fill out your personal information

. Explore your options and start using! 

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