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Either onboarding a new employee or thinking about how to reward your current team, Coverflex is the way to go to save your company time and money.

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All in one platform

  • Visa debit card
  • Meal allowance
  • Flexible benefits
  • Digital insurance management
  • Discounts network


The easiest way to set up, award and manage every part of employee
compensation beyond salary.
Set up benefits
Decide and set up what benefits you want to give your team: from meal allowance to technology expenses and everything in between.

We know that compensation structures are not simple or constant, with Coverflex you can adapt your configuration at any time.
Award benefits
Set the amount for your employee’s benefits and meal budgets with total flexibility.

The values are available for your people to spend as they wish as soon as they are set.
Centralized processes and
Look up invoices, benefits spending records, review and approve expenses or reimbursement requests.

Check on reports for payroll processing and accounting at any moment, all in one place.
Manage employees
Add and remove employees from your dashboard in one click. Easily set up different options and give flexebility to your people.

Coverflex will take care of everything else.
Options for all
Autonomy and flexibility to your employees to structure their compensation.
Optimising costs
Making tax optimisation accessible and simple to you and your team.
Efficient processes
By simplifying the benefits managent, you now have time to focus on what really matters,


Flexible and personal compensation management in the palm of your hands. One app and card to spend both your meal and benefits budgets.
Spend your meal allowance
Decide what to spend on, on the go
Enjoy Coverflex’s Discount network
Add your family to your health insurance

Spend your meal allowance

Pay for meal, groceries and take-away anywhere VISA is accepted. Works online.

Decide what to spend on, on the go

No pre-selection needed. Spend your budget how, when and where you see fit using the app, card or reimbursement.

Enjoy Coverflex’s discount network

Save two-fold with Coverflex by using your card and taking advantage of exclusive discounts on top of the tax benefits.
see our discounts

Add your family to your health insurance

Use the app to check on your policy details and documents and add your partner and/or children to your insurance.

Your compensation, your way

Coverflex lets you decide how to spend your compensation in the moment, to fit your changing needs. Our benefits are designed to be accessible for all.

Seamless, efficient, all in one place.
6€/month per employee

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